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Malta take out the OGAE Song Poll 2021

This morning the results of the annual OGAE Song Poll were revealed with Malta taking out the crown.

The Song Poll combines the votes of the official OGAE Fan Clubs around the world and has been going since 2007.

In that time five OGAE Song Poll winners went on to win Eurovision including 'Toy' by Netta in 2018.

This year 'Je me casse' by Desinty won by just five points ahead of Switzerland with Gjon's Tears and 'Tout l'Univers', with Barbara Pravi taking out the bronze medal for France with 'Voilà'.

Full results below:

Australia finished in 25th receiving 3 points from OGAE Rest of the World and 1 point from OGAE Ukraine.

10 nations finished without a point.

Doing well in the poll isn't always a guide of how well a song will do at Eurovision though.

In 2016 '1944' by Jamala for Ukraine finished 9th in the poll and in 2017 Portugal's 'Amar pelos dois' finished 6th.

Both went on to take the Eurovision crown.

However, every winning song of the last decade has at least finished in the Top 10.

You can watch the full OGAE Song Poll points reveal below:


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