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  • Tim Everingham

Malta selects Ike and Kaya with 'My Home' for Junior Eurovision 2021

Malta, has this morning selected Ike and Kaya to represent them with 'My Home' at Junior Eurovision for 2021.

Broadcast on TVM, the 'Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest' had 12 songs competing to have the opportunity to go to Paris later this year for Junior Eurovision. But in the end, it was Ike and Kaya who won the ticket.

The song is a rap infused ballad and is about missing home and building strong relationships with family and friends. The songs creators are Owen Lueellen, Cyprian Cassar and Muxu.

The results were decided through 50% jury and 50% public vote. The three jury members were Destiny Chukunyere, Maxine Pace and Sigmund Misfud. Out of the 12 entries only the top 3 were revealed:

  1. Ike and Kaya- 'My Home'

  2. Mycha, Kylie & Denzel Jo- 'Running Free'

  3. Yulan Law- 'On my Way'

Ike has been in music industry for nearly 3 years now. He has regularly performed at local music festivals and also in local music videos.

Kaya has been singing since she was 5. She has participated in local music festivals and finished first in her category at Sanremo Junior. She also participated in last years Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

They both were introduced to each other on 'Malta's Got Talent' and started performing duets together. They made it to the finals and finished a respectable 4th.

Malta has been very successful at Junior Eurovision in the past. Gaia Cauchi won the contest in 2013 in Kyiv and then 2 years later, Malta would win again with Destiny Chukunyere also winning the contest, this time in Sofia. Last year, Chanel Monseigneur competed for Malta and finished 8th with 100 points.

Junior Eurovision 2021 will be held in Paris on the December 19 2021.

You can find out more details on the Junior Eurovision artists, songs and competition details at


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