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Malta: MESC 2023 semi-final results

All 40 MESC 2023 acts, including the 24 semi final competitors (PBS)

This morning, Maltese national broadcaster PBS held the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC).

In total, 24 entries performed with 16 qualifiers announced for Sunday's final at the end of the show.

In contrast to the quarter finals, each performance featured full costumes, staging and camera angles, giving a far more realistic view of what these performances will look like in Liverpool.

Who qualified to the final?

The 16 finalists were announced as qualifying to the final in this morning's show:

  • Fabrizio Faniello - ‘Try To Be Better”

  • Eliana Gomez Blanco - ‘Guess What’

  • Christian Arding - ‘Eku Ċar’

  • Geo Debono - ‘The Mirror’

  • Nathan Psaila - ‘Creeping Walls’

  • The Busker - 'Dance (Our Own Party)'

  • Maxine Pace - 'Alone'

  • Ian - 'On My Own'

  • Brooke - 'Checkmate'

  • Dan - 'It'll Be Ok'

  • Matt Blxck - 'Up'

  • Cheryl Balzan - 'La La Land'

  • Ryan Hili - 'In The Silence'

  • Stefan Galea - 'Heartbreaker'

  • Giada - 'I Depend On You'

  • Chris Grech - 'Indescribable'

This means that, for the remaining acts, their Eurovision 2023 journey unfortunately ends here:

  • Mikhail Attard 'Leħen Fiċ-ċpar'

  • Klinsmann - ‘Piranha’

  • Dario Bezzina - 'Bridle Road'

  • Mark Antony Bartolo - 'Tears'

  • Andre - 'Broken Hill'

  • Bradley Debono - 'Blackout'

  • Dominic and Anna - 'Whatever Wind May Blow'

  • Greta Tude - 'Sound Of My Stillettos'

What to Expect in the Final

The remaining 16 artists will now battle it out for Malta's ticket to Liver pool in the final round of MESC. The final will be broadcast live on Sunday the 12th of February from 7am AEDT on the TVM website.

Bear in mind that MESC is officially an artist selection rather than a song selection, and consequently there is a chance the winning song will be changed following the final.

For a quick refresher of the songs competing, videos of the performances are available on the Eurovision Song Malta YouTube Channel

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