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Malta: Artists and songs revealed for the 'Malta Eurovision Song Contest' 2023

Who will be Emma Muscat's successor in Liverpool? Only time will tell. Image credit: PBS

The quarter finalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC) have been announced by the Maltese broadcaster PBC, and there are some familiar faces. MESC is known for their the more the merrier approach to national finals. With forty acts in the running to be Emma Muscat's successor in Liverpool at Eurovision, and MESC 2023 will be no exception.

The quarterfinalists

Below are the lists of artist names and song titles in with a chance to win MESC 2023. Judging by the title of each song, we will be given a mix of English and Maltese language entries.

Returning artists

MESC 2023 will feature a selection of past Eurovision, Junior Eurovision and MESC artists.

Fabrizio Faniello is a two time Maltese Eurovision representative. In 2001 Fabrizio reached the top ten at Eurovision with 'Another Summer Night' finishing in at 9th place. He returned to represent Malta in 2006 with the song 'I Do' unfortunately finishing in last place at the Eurovision Grand Final, a third time for Malta.

Eliana Gomez Blanco represented Malta at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'We Are More' finishing in 19th place. She earned the right to represent Malta when her powerful voice allowed her to stand out from the crowd at the children's version of MESC.

One of the more memorable MESC 2022 contestants is the rising star with the cowboy aesthetic, Aidan, who came second last year with the Maltese language song 'Ritmu'. Although he didn't win, he made his presence known, making appearances at Eurovision pre-parties and through being the Maltese jury points spokesperson.

Jessika, together with German singer and rapper Jenifer Brening and a few robots represented San Marino at Eurovision in 2018 with the song 'Who We Are'. Although they failed to qualify, it continued the standard for the out of the ordinary Sammiranese Eurovision entries we all know and love.

MESC 2023

While MESC officially serves as the country's national selection for Eurovision, on more than one occasion, it has actually been a vehicle to select the artist, with the artist going behind the scenes afterward to record a completely different song for Eurovision. 'I Am What I Am' replaced 'Out of Sight' to be Emma Muscat’s 2022 Eurovision entry for Malta, and 'Walk On Water' replaced 'Chameleon' to be Ira Losco’s 2016 entry. MESC 2023 is set to begin in January next year. It will be made up of four quarter finals, two semi- finals and a final, which will be held in February.

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