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Luxembourg: Aussievision's Luxembourg Song Contest 2024 rankings

After 30 years away, the small Benelux country of Luxembourg will make its long-awaited return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024. The country formerly had a formidable reputation at Eurovision, having won an incredible five times during their original period of participation.

To select their act for 2024, Luxembourg has introduced a new national final format, the Luxembourg Song Contest, where eight young artists will battle it out for the right to represent their country in Malmö.

The Aussievision team has listened to the eight songs participating in the Luxembourg Song Contest 2024 and have ranked their top six from 12 points down to 2 points.

Who will be our choice for the first Luxembourgish entrant in 30 years? Read on to find out!

8. Edsun - 'Finally Alive' (38 points)

Highs: 10 points from Steven, 8 points from Jasyn

Lows: 0 points from Emma, Hugo, John Christian, Josh, Liv and Sam

"An upbeat, disco-fuelled, personal empowerment number with more than a little rainbow vibe? OUAIS, s’il vous plaît!" ~ Steven

7. Chaild - 'Hold On' (44 points)

Highs: 10 points from Mark, 8 points from Tim

Lows: 0 points from Craig, Fleur, Jasyn, Josh, Kiel and Liv

"Gosh, we’ve heard this all before and it’s straight outta the Scandi grab bag, but Hold On is such a well-sung and well-produced track. The cliches and platitudes got me, gal. It’s like the older brother to Greece’s 2023 entry, ‘What They Say’ (which I also liked despite its obvious flaws). You can hear that Chaild is a legitimate vocalist who’s left himself room to grow in the live performance. Could be anthemic!" ~ Mark

6. Angy & Rafa Ela - 'Drop' (48 points)

Highs: 8 points from John Christian & Mark

Lows: 0 points from Craig, Emma, Hayley, Kiel and Sam

5. One Last Time - 'Devil in the Detail' (70 points)

Highs: 10 points from Jasyn, John Christian, Sam and Tim

Lows: 0 points from Hayley, Hugo, Kyriakos, Mark and Steven

"This is very memorable and it does stand out as the band in the national final. I think it has a lot going for it and that it would be a brave choice to have after a long hiatus. It’s rocky and has a unique sound attached to it." ~ Tim

"This reminds me of 2000s rock, and I don't care if it is mediocre or not - I reckon it would give Cyan Kicks and Ollie a run for their money. It has more of a punch." ~ John Christian

"Love me a bit of "Dad Rock", this feels very 2000s, think Nickelback and Daughtry. It's a bit cringe but I appreciate having diverse entries in a national final and this is right up my alley. I can't imagine the staging will be anything other than the group just vibing out and a fire of pyro fire. " ~ Liv

"It’s got great punch to it and definitely not an expected sound from Luxembourg." ~ Jasyn

"I usually enjoy rock songs in a Eurovision context and this is no exception. It is anthemic and catchy in parts. I feel though, like most songs in this national selection, it is a bit generic and predictable. It needs that extra kick to really stand out. But a solid effort nonetheless." ~ Sam

4. Joel Marques - 'Believer' (94 points)

Highs: 12 points from Kyriakos, Liv and Tim; 10 points from Kiel

Lows: 0 points from Jasyn, John Christian and Steven

"This is being slept on. For me, Joel has the stand out male vocals of the selection and an incredibly strong song here. Jury potential in spades here with decent televote. ‘Believer’ builds and is stunningly anthemic with rich production value. This stood out immediately as a great package and I would not be surprised if it does better than people are giving it credit for." ~ Liv

"I think this one is flying under the radar a tad - "Believer" is clean, impactful and has a memorable chorus. If Joel is a decent live performer, I would not at all be surprised to see this in Malmö." ~ Craig

"This is a great, anthemic, uplifting track. It might be too slightly beige to be a serious contender to win, but Joel would be a solid-enough choice for Luxenbourg to make their return with - that is, if he can shine above some of the female artists who I think will be a bit more popular." ~ Kiel

"Whilst it is a bit basic and a ‘by the books’ song, it does have a memorable moments in which after listening to the 8 songs, I could distinctly remember. I think it has a bit of choir moments which shows the song is a different light. I think it’s a really well produced song and whilst it may be a safe choice for Luxembourg, it still has a risk attached to it." ~ Tim

"Based on just the song this potentially offers the best overall package. It's a ballad for all, with great staging it can go far in Malmö. It's my favourite song out of the lot." ~ Kyriakos

3. Naomi Ayé - 'Paumée sur terre' (96 points)

Highs: 12 points from Jasyn and John Christian; 10 points from Emma, Fleur and Liv

Lows: 0 points from Kyriakos, Mark & Tim

"This is what I would expect to see if I asked an expert AI program to generate a 2024 Eurovision entry from Luxembourg and I don't mean this negatively. Here we have a beautiful French ballad with a contemporary sound. Naomi's voice is dream like...I could listen to her sing the alphabet. The fact she is so young will probably add to the appeal of her performance and perhaps bring in the votes from younger viewers. This would be a worthy entry for Luxembourg to send in their return to the competition." ~ Emma

"It’s a great track with a modernist feel that also has a nod to the old days of Luxembourg in Eurovision." ~ Jasyn

"So delicate and easy to listen to. I want to run a nice bubble bath, drink champagne and disassociate to this." ~ Liv

"I quite like this ballad. For me it had more appeal than the rest of the songs in the selection. I would like to hear it live though." ~ Fleur

"This is what I think has the highest chance for Luxembourg to qualify to the grand final and win it all. It is the most impressive out of all the entries in the toughest NF for the fandom to pick a winner. I hope this will win and put Mustii and Joost Klein to shame. She may be 16 years old, but I am a sucker for female French pop songs, whether it is France or Luxembourg." ~John Christian

2. Krick - 'Drowning in the Rain' (118 points)

Highs: 12 points from Craig, Emma, Hayley, Hugo, Josh, Kiel and Sam

Lows: 0 points from Fleur and Tim, 2 points from Mark

"If Luxembourg wants to come back with a serious bang after 30 years off, this is the track to do it for them. Krick's vocals are superb, the arrangement is beautiful, it's sung in English and it's very relatable and accessible without being overdone. And the juries will LAP. IT. UP. It's still very early days, but this is the first potential winner I've heard for Eurovision 2024." ~ Kiel

"An absolutely tragic, haunting, mesmerising song. I would dare to say it is comparable to Alika from Estonia with ‘Bridges’ last year, but even better. A big beautiful ballad would also be a fitting way for Luxembourg to return given it was the song style that gave the microstate so much success historically in Eurovision – think Vicky Leandros, Anne Marie David and Nana Mouskouri. The most sophisticated and dramatic song in a solid but generic line-up. Luxembourg must choose this!" ~ Sam

"Sounding like a dramatic James Bond theme, its no surprise that Norway's Elsie Bay is one of the songwriters on this track. I love the emotive vocals on this and there's just the right amount of light and shade to keep things interesting. You could do a lot with this visually... I can picture it on the Eurovision stage already." ~ Emma

"I'm not normally a big Elsie Bay fan, but this really works - it doubles down on the campy Bond sound, and Krick has a really smooth, clean vocal that lifts this. I also don't think you need to do too much with it in a live setting to give the song impact. Not going to change the world, but this would be a strong return entry for Luxembourg and should hopefully get them into the final." ~ Craig

"This entry sounds grand, epic and like a James Bond song or Once Upon A December from Anastasia. At first listen I thought this is right up my alley as it sounds very similar to Elsie Bays robbed Norwegian National final song Death of Us and I was not surprised to find out she wrote this song too. Well designed staging could elevate this song to a Conchita moment on the Eurovision stage and we are deserving of seeing that manifest." ~ Josh

"This really is Luxembourg's best chance to qualify - it is beautifully written and hopefully she can sing well live! While it does remind me of Elsie Bay a few years ago - that was a robbery and it's good to hear a ballad of this quality again. This stands out this year in a sea of silly songs!" ~ Hayley

"Yeah dawg, this is good. Right up my alley and would not be out of place at Eurovision. I love Krick’s voice; a perfect blend of fragility and power. You can tell it’s Elsie Bay produced; I love the melodic Bond-like piano and this is just the best song and most memorable of the lot! It’s got my ticket!" ~ Hugo

1. Tali - 'Fighter' (122 points)

Highs: 12 points from Fleur, Mark and Steven; 10 points from Craig, Hayley, Hugo, Josh and Kyriakos

Lows: 2 points from Jasyn and Sam

"Tali sets out a fabulous vision for Luxembourg at Eurovision, giving us a quality French language experience but broadening its appeal with an accessible English chorus and pan-European sound. It’s both petite and grande, all at once. I especially love those downward melodic runs that round out the chorus. A La Isla Bonita for 2024." ~ Mark

"I liked this song the second it started - what a catchy a little number it is! Sung in part French and English, and I these this dual language songs really tend to do quite well at Eurovision - best of both worlds!" ~ Hayley

"I'll give points to anything with an Eiffel Tower on it, so a fun little French-language ditty is like catnip for me. I worry this may lack impact live compared to the very well-produced studio track, but if Tali has the charisma this could be going places. Very fun!" ~ Craig

"This bilingual, Latin-beat-backed entry stands out from the LESC crowd for me, featuring a strong vocal, interesting musical progressions and that super catchy “speed singing” post-chorus refrain. 'Fighter' me plaît beaucoup!" ~ Steven

"This is an enjoyable song with a very catchy chorus. I cannot wait to see what Tali offers on stage." ~ Kyriakos

"I found this one to be the most interesting of the eight songs. It's a bit of a banger and I like that it has French and English lyrics. I'm looking forward to seeing the return of Luxembourg at Eurovision." ~ Fleur

"A nice pop song, catchy melody and overall pleasant! Tali seems like she has some sass and can give us a good stage. Reminds me of a slightly more tame version of Cherine from Belgium’s NF last year which I loved!" ~ Hugo


And those are the results! It was tight at the top for the Aussievision team - can Tali win the crown for Luxembourg, or will it be Krick who performs the long-awaited return entry for the small Benelux country at Eurovision 2024? Or will it be someone else entirely?

The Luxembourg Song Contest will be broadcast on 27 January 2024 at 8pm CET (being 28 January 2024 at 6am AEDT, 5am AEST and 3am WAST).

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