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Luna to represent Poland at Eurovision 2024

Today Telewizja Polska (TVP) announced that Luna will be representing Poland at Eurovision 2024 with the song 'The Tower'.

According to Luna is a 24 year old artist who is from the "young alternative music scene." She is currently studying at the University of Warsaw's Faculty of Artes Liberales. Her biggest musical inspirations are Nick Cave and Björk.

The Polish Eurovision entrant this year has an extensive musical background. As a child she performed folk music and musical theatre, including at the Grand Theatre-National Opera in Warsaw. She released her debut album Nocne Zmory ('Nightmares' in English) in 2022. 'The Tower' was created specifically for Eurovision in the UK, in collaboration with Max Cooke and Fyfe.

Luna has many interests including astrology, philosophy, art and fashion. She also loves coffee. A fun fact about her is that she is a yoga teacher. Perhaps she can teach the other contestants how to relax during the stressful Eurovision week!

Poland has competed at Eurovision since 1994. Their debut entry is also their best ever position, with Edyta Gorniak finishing second with 'To nie ja!' They have placed in the top ten two other times in their history: Ich Troje came seventh in 2003, whilst Michał Szpak came eighth in 2016. Last year Blanka represented Poland with 'Solo' and finished in nineteenth place. She did come eighth in the tele-vote in the grand final, and finished third in her semi-final.

Luna will perform for Poland in the first half of the first semi-final on Tuesday May 7, the same semi-final that Australia is in.

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