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Lithuanian National Final ‘Pabandom iš naujo’ 2020 Semi Final 1 Results

Today in the Lithuanian National Final ‘Pabandom iš naujo’ 2020 nine successful acts from the three heats competed in the first Semi Final.

The competition was tough!

Only the top 4 out of the 9 acts progress to the Final. The successful acts were selected by 50/50 combination of jury and public televoting.

Here are the results for Semi Final 1:

Aistė Pilvelytė ‘Unbreakable’ - 22 points

THE ROOP ‘On Fire’ - 22 points

KaYra ‘Alligator’ - 15 points

Rūta Loop ‘We Came from the Sun’ - 14 points

Baltos Varnos ‘Namų dvasia’ - 13 points

Alen Chicco ‘Somewhere Out There’ - 10 points

Kristina Jure ‘My Sound of Silence’ - 7 points

Gabrielius Vagelis ‘Tave čia randu’ - 6 points

Viktorija Miškūnaitė ‘The Ocean’ - 5 points

The winner of the night was Aistė Pilvelytė. With her countless attempts in the Lithuanian national final over the last few decades she managed to shine in this Semi Final. She topped the jury voting, but came second in the public televoting.

THE ROOP were on fire tonight! The obvious fan favourite. They came second in the juries but smashed the public televoting with over double the amount of votes compared to the public televote runner up Aistė Pilvelytė, 5192 votes to 2521.

Interestingly KaYra this time dropped her pink overalls and took a clown persona. Her performance of ‘Alligator’ had a different mood to her performance in the heats but she managed to come in third place and secure herself a spot in the Final.

Securing the fourth spot in the Final was Rūta Loop with ‘We Came From The Sun’, she just managed to scrape through thanks to the juries.

Unfortunately we say goodbye to the public televote favourite from Heat 2 Kristina Jure, and the fan favourite Gabrielius Vagelis and his cool dance moves.

The second semi final of „Pabandom iš naujo!" 2020 will be on February 8 in Europe and February 9 in Australia.

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