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Lithuania: 'Pabandom iš naujo!' Heat 2 preview

The Lithuanian National Final 'Pabandom iš naujo!' will continue this weekend with Heat 2 taking place on Saturday evening January 15 in Europe and Sunday morning January 16 Australian time.

Following the same format as Heat 1, 11 acts will perform and be in the running for 6 more places in the semi-finals, decided by 50% jury and 50% public vote.

LRT confirmed earlier this week that two previously announced acts will no longer be taking part. Monika Linkyte (who represented Lithuania at Eurovision in 2015) and Arturas Aleksiejus-Alekas have withdrawn from the competition.

Who's in the line-up this week?

This week we will again see some familiar faces from previous years return to the stage. Viewers from last year will remember the duo Titas ir Benas, who performed the ballad 'No'.

Queens of Roses also return after taking part in 2017 and 2019, as well as Cosmic Bride who performed ‘Solitary Star’ last year.

Leva Zasimauskaitė also takes the stage this week. Leva represented Lithuania at Lisbon in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with 'When We're Old', coming 12th in the Grand Final.

So far the following songs have been released:

Viktorija Kajokaitė – 'Piece of Universe'

Gabrea - 'Make It Real'

Emilija Katauskaitė - 'Illuminate'

Justė Kraujelytė - 'How to Get My Life Back'

Titas ir Benas - 'Getting Through This'

Queens of Roses - 'Washing Machine'

Cosmic Bride - 'The Devil Lives in Spain'

Moosu X - 'Love that Hurts'

The full line-up for Heat 2 will be:

  1. Viktorija Kajokaitė - 'Piece of Universe'

  2. Gabrea - 'Make It Real'

  3. Clockwork Creep - 'Grow'

  4. Emilija Katauskaitė - 'Illuminate'

  5. Justė Kraujelytė - 'How to Get My Life Back'

  6. Titas ir Benas - 'Getting Through This'

  7. Ieva Zasimauskaitė - 'I’ll Be There'

  8. Queens of Roses - 'Washing Machine'

  9. Cosmic Bride - 'The Devil Lives in Spain'

  10. Justin 3 feat. Nanaart - 'Something That Is Natural'

  11. Moosu X - 'Love that Hurts'

The six highest scoring artists will go through to the semi-finals, joining the successful artists from last week:

  • Erica Jennings – 'Back to Myself'

  • Augustė Vedrickaitė - 'Before you’re 6 ft under’

  • Urtė Šilagalytė – 'Running Chords’

  • Joseph June – ‘Deadly’

  • Mary Mo – 'Get Up'

  • Elonas Pokanevič – ‘Someday'

How to watch

You can watch 'Pabandom iš naujo!' live on the LRT website here.

Heat 2 will take place this weekend:

  • European time - 8:00 pm (CET) on Saturday January 15

  • Australian time - 6:00 am (AEDT) on Sunday January 16

For continued updates on all the national finals follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, find us @aussievisionnet


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