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Lithuania: 'Eurovizija.LT!' 2024 Heat 3 Results

The Lithuanian Eurovision national final ‘Eurovizija LT!’ continued this weekend with the third of five elimination heats for 2024.

The show was hosted by Gabrielė Martirosian and Nombeko Augustė Khotseng, with Nerijus Trilikauskas in the green room.

In the elimination heats, only the top two out of the eight competing entries progress to the final. The successful acts were selected by a 50/50 combination of jury and public televoting.

The top two entries who qualified for the final were:

Shower - 'Impossible'

Pluie de Comètes - 'Be Careful'

The results of Heat 3 were:

1. Shower - 'Impossible'  - 12 points

2. Pluie de Comètes - 'Be Careful' - 10 points

3. MeidĖ - 'Zoo' - 8 points

4. Mary Mo - 'Done' - 7 points

5. Baltos Varnos - 'In the Night' - 6 points

6. Anžela - 'Paskubėk' - 5 points

7. Sun Francisco - 'Trauka (Svaigsta galva)' - 4 points

8. Sid Hallow - 'Here We Go Again' - 3 points

Heat 4 of 'Lithuania: Eurovizija.LT 2024' will take place on February 3 in Europe and February 4 in Australia.

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