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Latvia: Artists and songs for Supernova 2023 announced

Today the Latvian broadcaster LTV released the artists and songs competing in their national final 'Supernova'.

Among the entrants is Eurovision 2016 grand finalists Justs, who finished 15th in Stockholm with 'Heartbeat'.

Justs is competing with the song 'Strangers'.

Also in the artists announced is perennial Supernova entrant Markus Riva.

Markus is competing in his ninth Supernova in a row, he has finished 2nd on two occasions.

He will perform the song 'Forever'.

The full lists of competing entrants are:

24. Avēnija - 'You Said'

Adriana Miglāne - 'Like I Wanna'

Alise Haijima - 'Tricky'

Artūrs Hatti - 'Love Vibes'

Avéi - 'Let Me Go'

Inspo - 'Sway'

Justs - 'Strangers'

Katrine Miller - 'Beaten Down'

Luīze - 'You To Hold Me'

Markus Riva - 'Forever'

Patrisha - 'Hush'

Raum -'Fake Love'

Sudden Lights - 'Aijā'

Toms Kalderauskis - 'When It All Falls'

All 14 songs are available to listen to on LTV's YouTube playlist.

The final of Supernova will take place on 11 February.

UPDATE: Over night on January 7, LTV, the Latvian national broadcaster, has disqualified Saule from Supernova 2023. Unfortunately he had released his song publicly before September 1 2022 breaking Supernova and Eurovision rules.

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