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KIIM wins Melodi Grand Prix semi-final 4

This morning saw Semi final number four in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix, with four very different songs and performances once again on offer for fans to enjoy.

In the Gold Duel, the emotional performance of KIIM and his song ‘My Lonely Voice’ defeated the Sami duo of Marianne Pentha & Mikkel Gaup with the song ‘Pages’.

Before the Gold Duel, the first battle of the evening saw Marianne Pentha & Mikkel Gaup defeat the boyband Landeveiens Helter.

This left the second duel of the night as a battle of the soloists, with KIIM taking on Royanne. KIIM took out the win and went on to battle Marianne & Mikkel in the final.

This week’s prequalified artist performance was from Atle Pettersen, who performed his song ‘World on Fire’.

KIIM now moves on to the final on 20th February, and they join Atle, Kaja Rode, Stavangerkameratene, Tix, KEiiNO, Blåsemafian feat. Hazel, Raylee and last week’s semi final winner Emmy in the final.

The final semi final before the second chance round is next Sunday morning Australian time, with the artists who will compete in that semi-final to be announced tomorrow.


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