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Junior Eurovision - Armenia

Finishing in 9th place among the Aussievision Team in our Junior Eurovision rankings is... Armenia!

Get details of the song plus our individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Karina Ignatyan - Colors of Your Dream

13-year-old Karina earned her place in Gliwice by winning 'Depi Mankakan Evratesil', the Armenian national selection show for Junior Eurovision. She finished 2nd in the adult jury, 2nd in the kids jury and 1st in the televote to win by just three points.

Karina is no stranger to competition though, she has taken part in The Voice Kids Russia, New Wave Junior, Pokolenie Next and Miss Ethno 2019.

Aussievision Team rankings

  • Dale - 5th

  • Fleur - 7th

  • Liv - 7th

  • Kyriakos - 9th

  • Emma - 10th

  • Guy - 12th

  • Alyce - 13th

  • Mike - 13th

  • Aaron - 16th

The comments

This is a cracking little entry from Armenia. A song underpinned with a strong 'Replay' like beat, traditional instrumentation, solid song structure, big fan of the chorus, opportunities to show off vocally and a live staging ready to go. I'm a big fan of this, it manages to do 'eastern' without being too cliche. ~ Dale

Starts up, stays up in the instrumental side of things. But it doesn’t change much or progress. Not my cup. ~ Aaron

Armenia usually brings quality to JESC, and this is yet another strong entry. Karina sure has a big voice. I totally love the ethnic elements to this banger. This song is so enjoyable and catchy, probably the biggest earworm this year. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to do well and there should be no surprises if the contest returns to Yerevan in 2020. ~ Fleur

Something doesn't quite hold together at the beginning but it does get better in the second half - Guy

Pleasant enough song and vocals...I enjoy the Armenian theme woven in to the music. National Final staging was beautiful so hopefully she will do something similar at JESC. ~ Emma

An upbeat song that is reminiscent of the adult ESC. Great to see another fun entry. ~ Kyriakos

The chorus is so. much. fun! A really fun upbeat 2000s ESC vibe drop with lots of nice ethnic touches tied in. The balance between Armenian and English is just right – enough to understand the message and grab votes but not too much that it’s jarring the switching. Lots of opportunities for colourful, fun staging! ~ Liv

Armenia at Junior Eurovision

Armenia has been competing in Junior Eurovision since 2007 where they finished runner-up on debut with Arevik performing 'Erazanq'. They finished second again in 2009 with Luara Hayrapetyan's 'Barcelona' before winning the contest in 2010 with Vladimir Arzumanyan performing 'Mama'. They went on to have another two 3rds and two 2nd (the last one being in 2016) before a slight drop in 2017 (6th) and 2018 (9th).


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