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Junior Eurovision 2023 Germany profile: 'Ohne Worte' by FIA

This year, Germany will be represented at Junior Eurovision 2023 by FIA with 'Ohne Worte'.

You can find details on the entry, the artist, and the history of Germany at Junior Eurovision below.

About the artist: FIA

11 year old FIA (Fia Lin) was born in Shanghai, China to a Chinese father and German mother. The family moved to Berlin, Germany after the birth of her younger sister Emilia who was born with a genetic defect leaving her almost deaf and unable to speak.

Her Eurovision journey began when FIA, whose favourite hobby is performing, appeared on the 11th season of 'The Voice Kids' in Germany this year. Her blind audition of Jessie J's 'Flashlight' had all four coaches turning their chairs - including 2010 Eurovision winner Lena Meyer-Landrut! Lena was ecstatic to have FIA join her team where she made it all the way to the Grand Final.

Inspired by her little sister, FIA impressed audiences with the translation of her songs using sign language which she uses to communicate with her sister.

FIA was chosen to represent Germany at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest after winning the country's national selection contest. One-minute snippets of each of the five finalists were uploaded online to be voted on by the public and an international jury. FIA received top scores in both sets of voting to be chosen as the winning artist

About the song: 'Ohne Worte'

'Ohne Worte' (Without Words) was written by David Jürgens, Martin Fliegenschmidt and Sascha Seelemann. The song is sung entirely in German but also features sign language, being the first Junior Eurovision entry to do so.

The lyrics explain how words are not always needed for two people to connect and understand each other. In the last chorus, the pre-recorded backing vocals translate the phrase 'Ohne Worte’ into Dutch (Zonder woorden) and Spanish (sin palabras).

Germany in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Germany didn't make their debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest until 2020, where they came 12th with Susan's 'Stronger with You'. They competed again in 2021, finishing in 17th place before withdrawing for 2022.

This year's contest will mark the third time they have competed at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

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