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Junior Eurovision 2023 Estonia profile: 'Hoiame kokku' by ARHANNA

ARHANNA in the finale of 'Tähtede Lava'. Image credit: Kairit Leibold/ERR

This year, Estonia will be represented at Junior Eurovision 2023 by ARHANNA with 'Hoiame kokku'.

Get all the details on the entry, the artist, and the history of Estonia at Junior Eurovision below!

About the artist: ARHANNA

11-year-old ARHANNA, also known as Arhanna Sandra Arbma, is from Räpina. She has been singing since she was 5 years old, and is also learning to play the piano. ARHANNA has performed and competed in many competitions across Estonia and internationally, most notably winning the 2022 edition of the youth singing competition 'Tähtede Lava' (Star Stage).

ARHANNA's Eurovision journey began when she was internally selected to participate in the Contest by Estonian broadcaster ERR.

When asked how she found out she was going to go to France to represent Estonia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, ARHANNA recalls:

"I must have been painting and my mother came running downstairs and said that I made it to Junior Eurovision. I've really wanted to go to Eurovision, now I finally can!"

Listen to ARHANNA's cover of Estonia's 2023 Eurovision entry 'Bridges' by Alika below:

ARHANNA said in the summer edition of the Estonian TV show 'Ringvaade' that singing is an important part of her life. She says:

"For me, the hardest thing in life is when I'm sick and I can't talk and I can't sing. I sing almost every day and I can't be without singing."

Besides singing, ARHANNA's hobby is collecting panda bears.

About the song: 'Hoiame kokku'

'Hoiame kokku' (Let's Stick Together) was written by ARHANNA, Rael Laikre, Karl-Ander Reismann, and Leelo Tunga. Initially a collaboration between two friends, ARHANNA created the original melody of the song, and Rael was responsible for writing the lyrics. Producer and songwriter Karl-Ander Reismann helped develop the song musically based on ARHANNA's original work, and writer Leelo Tunga helped refine the lyrics.

The song is sung almost entirely in Estonian but also features an English chorus. The lyrics are about friendship and how everyone needs someone to hold and support.

Estonia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Estonia is making its debut at this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place on November 26 in Nice, France. The nation's entry this year is supported by Eesti Telefilm, an Estonian film studio.

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