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Junior Eurovision 2023: Aussievision's top 10 song ranking

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is fast approaching!

Taking place in Nice, France after the victory of Lissandro's 'Oh Maman!', Junior Eurovision 2023 will see 16 young artists fight it out for a place in Eurovision history.

As we look forward to the show on November 26, we asked the Aussievision team to rank their favourite songs from this year's Contest.

11 team members took up the challenge, with the results set out below.

Do we think France can do a back to back win? Will contest debutantes Estonia impress? Or will one of the dark horses come out on top of our list?

There's only one way to find out - here are our top 10 favourites!

10. Júlia Machado - 'Where I Belong' (Portugal) - 27 points

(8 points from Dale, 6 points from Craig & Kyriakos)

9. Fia - 'Ohne Worte' (Germany) - 28 points

(6 points from John Christian & Fleur, 4 points from Craig & Laura

8. Tamara Grujeska - 'Kaži mi, kaži mi koj' (North Macedonia) - 36 points

(8 points from Fleur, 7 points from Craig, 6 points from Hugo)

7. Arhanna - 'Hoiame kokku' (Estonia) - 37 points

(10 points from Fleur & Hugo, 7 points from John Christian)

"Welcome to Junior Eurovision Estonia!!! What a great way to announce their presence. This song has great hook and melody that separates it from the other girl ballads. I really enjoyed this one." ~ Fleur

"Everything about this is so lovely; the soft piano opening, the velvet vocals and then the power of the song come the end of the song. Can’t see this getting a huge online vote score, but a good jury score is beckoning! Welcome to JESC Estonia, I adore this song." ~ Hugo

6. Anastasia Dymyd - 'Kvitka' (Ukraine) - 51 points

(10 points from Kyriakos and Emma, 8 points from Hayley)

"'Kvitka' is one of the catchiest songs in this year's competition and I can't believe the confidence Anastasia brings to the stage at just 9 years old!!! I expect a great result from Ukraine this year!" ~ Kyriakos

"'Kvitka' is cuteness on another level with Anastasia oozing charisma beyond her 9 years. She has a hauntingly beautiful voice for someone so young yet she manages to convey the happy vibes of the song beautifully. It could be argued the chorus is slightly repetitive but this is not a negative when it comes to Junior Eurovision. I'm expecting a very entertaining and colourful performance that should appeal to adults and children alike." ~ Emma

5. Sandra Valero - 'Loviu' (Spain) - 55 points

(12 points from Craig, 10 points from Hayley, 7 points from Steven)

"This is very charming and catchy and has the same sort of sparky kid-friendliness that France's winners in recent years have managed. Spain has been very consistent at Junior for the last few years but hasn't managed a win since their return - I would love for this one to break that pattern!" ~ Craig

"I gotta say it - this song is catchy as heck and I love the energy! It is easy to sing along with and I feel this is one of the most age-appropriate songs in the competition. It's cute, she's cute and I think this will do well." ~ Hayley

4. STAND UNIQU3 - 'Back to Life' (United Kingdom) - 60 points

(12 points from Hayley, 10 points from Steven, 7 points from Kyriakos and Dale)

"A slick contemporary electro entry with retro references that is well sung by the trio. The title remains with you at the end of the song, and I particularly liked the middle eight." ~ Steven

"I am getting major TLC vibes here. I feel this is a real package - and I really like what these girls are serving up. The song is catchy and along with their choreography, if they can pull this off it will be slick on stage. Dare I say it - SLAY girls!" ~ Hayley

3. Sep and Jasmijn - 'Holding On to You' (Netherlands) - 77 points

(12 points from Cooper & Emma, 8 points from John Christian & Kyriakos)

"From the first listen this has always stood out from the pack. It's fresh, age appropriate and an awesome track. The influencers of the Netherland's massive EDM scene shine through in the post-chorus and give the song a point of difference in the competition." ~ Cooper

"'Holding on to You' immediately stands out as one of only two acts to feature a male artist this year. Sep & Jasmijn look like they have known each other forever and the song has a very current sound with a techno style dance break which lends itself to some great choreography for the live performance. Adolescence is a time where the dynamics of boy/girl friendships often change and I think this is captured beautifully in this performance in a very age appropriate way." ~ Emma

2. Yan Girls - 'Do It My Way' (Armenia) - 78 points

(12 points from Kyriakos & Laura, 10 points from Craig, Cooper & Dale, 8 points from Emma & Hugo)

"There's been a few attempts to emulate K-pop at Eurovision in recent years, but this feels like the most wholehearted attempt to do a big K-pop girl group number so far. It's a very impressive package as a music video, but there will be a lot of pressure on the kids to have their vocals and choreography perfect in Nice. If they can pull it off, this will be hard to beat!" ~ Craig

"K-pop with eastern instrumental production flourishes, what's not to love! It's a really catchy song and the girls will perform this was 110% energy on stage. Armenia do Junior Eurovision really well and this year is no different." ~ Cooper

"What a bop! Armenia totally understand Junior Eurovision. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Armenia secure their third Junior Eurovision win with 'Do It My Way'!!" ~ Kyriakos

"This really shouldn't work but it does. The Armenian girls have sass and that production is fantastic. The close brings us an epic Cleopatra circa 2020 style ending, that shot it up a few places for me. Kids and adults will both love this." ~ Dale

"‘Do It My Way’ has attitude, personality, and plenty of K-pop-inspired swagger. It’s so fun, catchy, and a total “kidz bop” in the best possible way, I love it!" - Laura

1. Zoé Clauzure - 'Cœur' (France) - 102 points

(12 points from John Christian, Steven, Dale, Fleur & Hugo, 10 points from Laura, 8 points from Craig)

"Last year's winning song was a terrible disaster, but this WILL be the winning song. It is a mix of 'J'imagine' and 'Bim bam toi' with a nice mix of everything French." ~ John Christian

"This classy, catchy, upbeat French number delivered in a classic “breathy” vocal and with rolled R's galore is the full package. I very rarely add JESC songs to my Eurovision playlists, but ‘Cœur' is a new entry. Brava, Zoé!" ~ Steven

"Zoe doesn't bore us, she gets right to the chorus! The song has this tremendous build where the chorus gets stronger and stronger throughout until it explodes into an epic moment and then continues into some very French style street singing. I love it. It's a little more mature, so may not do as well for them. It also reminds me of the 1982 Sanremo winner, which is niche, but right up my alley. Easily, my douze points!" ~ Dale

"To me this is the standout. It's a catchy pop song and performed well. Zoé seems beyond her years and is no doubt a rising star I also like that this is a disco pop song about standing up to school bullies. This is a contender and France could very well have back-to-back victories." ~ Fleur

"Sophisticated yet accessible, ‘Cœur’ is a modern pop classic. It reminds me of a French version of something Kylie Minogue would release, but Zoé Clauzure puts her own stamp on the song. Magnifique!" ~ Laura

"Vive la France! This is punchy, has a singalong quality and is just a great song! Zoé has a star quality about her and an amazing voice. Every chance for France to win the jury vote for the fourth year in a row, and there seems to be some good chops behind this so I’m expecting some good staging! No signs of surrender from France given they are hosting, they are in it to win it!" ~ Hugo

What are your favourite Junior Eurovision songs for this year? Let us know on our socials.

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