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Junior Eurovision 2022: Winner and full results revealed

The 2022 Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place overnight in Yerevan, Armenia.

Sixteen countries sent their best young talent to compete for the Junior Eurovision trophy, and after a top-quality show, one act came out victorious.

The winner of Junior Eurovision 2022 is Lissandro and France with the song 'Oh Maman!'.

After an initial jury voting sequence, the leaders were France with 132 points. Georgia (114) and Armenia (110) rounded out the top three in the jury vote.

The general public then awarded their top points to United Kingdom, who received 80 points. Spain (78) and France (71) rounded out the top three in the public vote.

However, this wasn't enough to pull ahead of the jury winner, thus delivering the victory to France!

The full results are as follows:

  1. France: Lissandro - 'Oh Maman!' - 203 points

  2. Armenia: NARE - 'DANCE!' - 180 points

  3. Georgia: Mariam Bigvava - 'I Believe' - 161 points

  4. Ireland: Sophie Lennon - ‘Solas’ - 150 points

  5. United Kingdom: Freya Skye - 'Lose My Head' - 146 points

  6. Spain: Carlos Higes - 'Señorita' - 137 points

  7. Netherlands - Luna - 'La Festa' - 128 points

  8. Portugal: Nicolas Alves - 'Anos 70' - 121 points

  9. Ukraine: Zlata Dziunka - 'Nezlamna' - 111 points

  10. Poland: Laura Bączkiewicz - 'To The Moon' - 95 points

  11. Italy: Chanel Dilecta - 'BLA BLA BLA' - 95 points

  12. Albania: Kejtlin Gjata - 'Pakëz diell' - 94 points

  13. Serbia: Katarina Savić - ‘Svet bez granica’ - 92 points

  14. North Macedonia: Lara feat. Jovan and Irina - 'Životot e pred mene' - 54 points

  15. Kazakhstan: David Charlin - 'Jer-Ana' - 47 points

  16. Malta: Gaia Gambuzza - 'Diamonds in the Skies' - 43 points

France received 12 points from the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland and Portugal.

As with the main Eurovision Song Contest (at least until next year), points at Junior Eurovision were allocated in a 50/50 split between jury and public vote.

The public was once again able to vote for up to three songs via an online platform, permitting fans to vote for any country (including their own).

Lissandro is a 13-year-old performer from Moselle, in north-eastern France.

No stranger to the stage, Lissandro came to prominence in Season 7 of France's version of The Voice Kids, where he made the final alongside last year's French entrant, Enzo. Throughout the show, Lissandro showed his passion for the greats of American pop-rock, from Elvis Presley right up to Bruno Mars. For this reason, he eventually gained the nickname "Elvissandro".

When he isn't singing and dancing onstage, Lissandro has also done voice acting for a number of animated series.

Now that Junior Eurovision has wrapped up, we take a look at some interest facts and insights into the repercussions of this years Contest! Check out what we found out here.

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