• Alyce Collett

Junior Eurovision 2021 - What we know so far

While the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is well underway we got some further news on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021, which will be held in France in December.

Despite it still being about six months away, many countries have already been making plans for the contest, confirming participation and even starting the process for selecting their representative (or even outright selecting their representative). Let’s take a look and see where things sit in all the relevant countries.

Firstly, what’s happening with Australia?

No word on Australia’s participation yet, and don’t be surprised that stays that way for a while. It will most likely depend on what the format of this year’s performances are (live on tape vs in the arena) and what the pandemic situation is in Europe in December as to whether we see Australia’s return.

Who’s hosting and when will it be held?

After winning the competition last year, France will host the competition in their capital Paris. It will be held at La Seine Musicale, which is a concert hall in Paris. The event will be held on Sunday 19th December, which is significantly later than its usual last Sunday in November date. It’s unclear as to why they’ve changed the date at this stage.

The slogan of the contest will be ‘Imagine’. A simple and effective slogan, chosen for several reasons. First of all, for the echoes of Valentina's song that won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Warsaw last year. 'J'imagine' was co-written by this years Eurovision 2021 French entrant Barbara Pravi.

Countries that have confirmed they won’t be participating in 2021

  • Bulgaria

  • Czech Republic

  • Finland

  • Iceland

  • Norway

  • Scotland

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Wales

Countries that competed in 2020 that have not confirmed their participation

  • Belarus

  • Kazakhstan

  • Malta

  • Serbia

  • Ukraine

Countries that have confirmed their participation for the 2021 contest

France No surprises here, the hosts have of course confirmed their participation, and will be participating in their fifth Junior Eurovision. No word on their participant, but their winning entrant Valentina was internally selected last year.

Georgia The Junior Eurovision powerhouse is back for their 15th Junior Eurovision. No word on who their entrant will be yet, but last year Sandra Gadelia won their national final ‘Ranina’ to secure the Georgian ticket to Junior Eurovision.

Germany Last year’s debutants are back for a second attempt. No word on their entry yet, but they selected their inaugural representative Susan via the national final 'Dein Song für Warschau' (Your Song for Warsaw).

Ireland The Emerald Isle is back after a one year absence. They will once again be using their national final ‘Junior Eurovision Eire’ to select their entry, and filming for the show has already begun in Dublin.

Netherlands The Netherlands announced their participation in the 2021 contest in the hours after their 2020 National Final ended. They are once again using their National Final to select their artist this year, and have already commenced the audition process.

Poland The two time champions are back once again. No word on their entry yet, they will be using the national final ‘Szansa Na Sukces Eurowizja Junior’ to select their entry.

Portugal Not only have Portugal announced they’re returning to the contest after a one year absence, but they’ve already picked their representative! Simão Oliveira is 14 years old and recently won ‘The Voice Kids’ in Portugal. His song has not been released yet.

Russia The two time champions are once again competing, but they haven’t announced any details about their entrant for this year yet.


Spain are back for their seventh attempt, and although they haven’t announced any information on their entry for this year, last year they used an internal selection to select Soleá.

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