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Junior Eurovision 2019 - Georgia

Our first entry to make the Top 10 of the Aussievision Team rankings of Junior Eurovision 2019 is Georgia!

Get song entry plus our individual rankings and comments below.

The entry

Giorgi Rostiashvili - We Need Love

13-year-old Giorgi Rostiashvili from Tbilisi delighted audiences on Ranina, the Georgian national selection program for JESC. He beat two other singers for the trip to Gliwice in a competition with a 100% jury vote. Giorgi was the first artist selected for JESC 2019, a little over a week after the senior contest had concluded.

Giorgi has experience singing in choirs and he also plays the piano. He was the inaugural winner of the National Competition of Children's and Youth Choral Collections at age 8.

Giorgi Rostiashvili will be singing in Georgian and English at JESC. The song he will perform is called 'We Need Love'. It is a bright, cheery song about love and being happy.

The Aussievision Team rankings

  • Aaron - 3rd

  • Fleur - 6th

  • Guy - 8th

  • Emma - 9th

  • Dale - 14th

  • Kyriakos - 14th

  • Mike - 14th

  • Alyce - 15th

  • Liv - 19th

The comments

I liked Witloof Bay in 2011 and we’re doing better than them here. The beat for

this is cool. His vocal is quite good. Only concern is how are they going to get this to look good and not a little bit tacky? ~ Aaron

This is an interesting song. Really quirky. It’s jazz, I don’t really go for jazz songs but this is more jazz-lite, so maybe that is why I don’t mind it so much. This is the song that is going to divide the audience. I quite like it but I really wonder how Giorgi will go. I can see it reaching the top 10 but I would be surprised if it won. I like his voice. ~ Fleur

This charismatic kid gets top marks for going for a Motown feel song and it will stand out amongst the other performances. Whether it is catchy enough for the online voting public only time will tell. ~ Kyriakos

Very concerned it will be difficult to replicate the backing harmonies live – if they can it will stand out but I have my doubts. This style of ballad and mash up of backing vocals and instrumentals I personally find jarring. Like his voice – just wish he had a different song. ~ Liv

Great song - refreshing change from all the contemporary cookie-cutter pop. Cute song and cute video. There's some big notes - he will really need to execute well live. ~ Guy

A very adult jazz vibe with much of the song sung a cappella. Nice vocals but I can’t see this style of music being all that appealing to the kids. Interestingly, mine say this is one of their least favourite songs. ~ Emma

Georgia often like to take a risk and they've done that hear in this jazz inspired entry. Jazz doesn't spring to mind when I hear Junior Eurovision and I think it could struggle with the public vote. However, this could certainly score high with the juries. While watching this I swung from loving it, to hating it, to feeling nothing about it at all. Staging will make or break it ~ Dale

Georgia at Junior Eurovision

A powerhouse in the contest, Georgia have an impeccable record in JESC. They first competed in 2007 and have won the contest three times in 2008, 2011 and 2016. They have finished second in 2012 and 2017. Also they have only finished once outside the Top 10 in 2014.  Can Giorgi make it four wins?


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