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Junior Eurovision 2019 - France

France is the winner of our Aussievision Team rankings of Junior Eurovision songs.

Carla's 'Bim Bam Toi' received 1st place from four out of the nine jurors.

Can she go on to win the actual competition?

Get all the detail on the French entry plus all our individual rankings and comments.

The entry

Carla - Bim Bam Toi

Carla Lazzari will be singing the song “Bim Bam Toi” and the song is all about falling in love for the first time. Carla Lazari is 14-years-old and reached the final of the Voice Kids. She was internally selected by the French broadcaster France Télévisions. 

Aussievision Team Ranking

  • Aaron - 1st

  • Dale - 1st

  • Emma - 1st

  • Mike - 1st

  • Alyce - 2nd

  • Fleur - 5th

  • Kyriakos - 5th

  • Liv - 6th

  • Guy - 14th

The comments

On my first listen to the songs this stood head and shoulders above everything else. It had instant appeal with a French quirk and an easily remembered chorus. French works best when you feel like you can sing to it (and not be sung at), and it does that so well. This feels like a more mature version of their song last year, that finished 2nd... can this go one better? ~ Dale

France, you have not disappointed me once again! Out of all the countries in this year’s competition, I probably had the highest expectations on France this year, and they have certainly lived up to those expectations. This is a song that I just can’t help but sing and dance along to, and certainly feels age appropriate. I hope they bring some of the colour and energy from the music video into the staging. Paris 2020? Yes please! ~ Alyce

Catchy and a bit kooky. The fun borders on annoying in some parts. ~ Guy

This would do well even at Destination Eurovision and come left-hand side in adult Eurovision. It’s pure fun, and infectious. I like that they resisted being completely bilingual, the “I Love You” adds just enough context. This is the type of entry I would associate with JESC. ~ Aaron

France has a real chance in taking out the contest with this fun ear worm. It gets stuck in your head for days. ~ Kyriakos

Oh, a banger. This is really quirky. Kind of Netta-inspired. I think this song will do rather well despite its simplistic ‘love’ theme. France really wants to win it, hey? I really enjoy this but it’s not my favourite. I would be happy if she wins. I cannot wait to see Carla perform this at Gliwice-Silesia. The staging will be something to watch for sure. ~ Fleur

There's so much to like about this entry. It's fun, it's quirky, it's so catchy and it's unmistakably French. It appeals to the broad audience it has to, and should poll good votes from jury and public. Without a doubt my favourite of the competition. ~ Mike

France has really burst back onto the JESC scene since their return with a Runner-Up last year followed by this fun, easy to digest number. It’s catchy, memorable and has an easy hook to sing along to – the instant memorability and young-vibes will really appeal to younger viewers. Worried it might be a bit repetitive and the ‘Bim Bam’ vocals and sounds might be jarring live. ~ Liv

France at Junior Eurovision

2019 will see the third time France will compete at the contest. France made its debut in the 2004 contest in Lillehammer, where Thomas sang the uptempo song “Si On Voulait Bien” and finished in 6th place. After a 14 year absence, France returned for last year’s contest, with 10-year-old Angelina. She sang the delightful song “Jamais Sans Toi”, a delightfully bubbly song about friendship, which finished as the runner-up. 


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