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Eurovision 2024: Australia WINS "Public Reacts" semi-final vote

Each year, Eurovision site ESCBubble assembles a jury of casual fans to watch and score the Eurovision entries.

These participants are not part of the fandom and are seeing the songs for the first time.

They come from UK, Estonia, Croatia, Serbia, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

They watch each song, provide comments and then score it out of 10.

With 17 voters, the total score a song can receive is 170.

Australia's entry 'One Milkali (One Blood)' received 123 points from the public reactors.

This may not sound high but it was the TOP score of all songs in semi-final 1.

Yes, even ahead of Croatia!

The highest scores from semi-final 1 were:

1 Australia - 123

2. Croatia - 121

3. Lithuania - 113

4. Portugal - 112

5. Finland - 110

6. Cyprus - 110

7. Ukraine - 109

8. Serbia - 108

8. Iceland - 108

10. Luxembourg - 104

11. Slovenia - 102

11.. Poland - 102

13. Azerbaijan - 100

14. Moldova - 99

15. Ireland - 85

The ESCBubble poll does then include an online public vote from readers for a total score between the two.

Australia did well in that as well, placing 3rd overall. However, we are far more interested in what the casual viewers thought.

All 37 countries are yet to be voted on, however, with 31 songs complete only Armenia and Netherlands have a higher score of 124.

Once all songs are done we will bring you the results of where Australia placed overall.

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