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Jordan Anthony releases new single 'Fading Numbers'

Image source: Jordan's Facebook profile

Overnight, Australia's 2019 Junior Eurovision representative, Jordan Anthony, released his latest single, 'Fading Numbers'.

'Fading Numbers' is the theme song of the short film of the same name by Aron Attiwell. The short film, designed to be more educational than entertaining, tells the stories of Holocaust survivors.

The song itself is a haunting and epic ballad that allows Jordan the opportunity to showcase his incredible vocal talents.

When attending the short film's premiere, Jordan released the following statement on his Facebook page:

"Tonight's premiere of 'Fading Numbers' is as spine tingling. Thank you Aron Attiwell for the opportunity to write the title song for this film. So proud to be a part of it and see the impact it will have locally and in film festivals everywhere."

'Fading Numbers' also allowed Jordan the opportunity to show his songwriting skills as well. The songs orchestration, which helps to uplift Jordan's vocals, was arranged by FiveSeven Audio.

The short film, which features the single as its theme song, will be shown at the Holocaust Institute of Western Australia, as well as at the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne. The Western Australian Minister for Education has also endorsed for the film to be shown in all secondary schools.

You can check out Jordan Anthony's 'Fading Numbers' below:

‘Fading Numbers’ is now available on iTunes and for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

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