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Jeangu Macrooy will represent The Netherlands in Rotterdam

Well one of the rumours were true! Jeangu Macrooy is the Dutch representative for Eurovision 2020!

26-year-old Macrooy was born in Suriname, which is a South American country that was a colony of the Dutch until 1975.

Aged 21 he moved to The Netherlands and was quickly signed up to a record company and his music career evolved from there.

He has since played several big Dutch festivals, is a recurring guest in TV shows and has been nominated twice for an Edison Award, the Dutch equivalent to the American Grammy Awards.

Jeangu told media that, “I am indescribably honoured! It’s a dream come true and the most beautiful thing that has come my way so far. My team and I are excited to make the Netherlands proud! Let’s go!”

The song is yet to be released but AVROTOS Managing Director Eric van Stade said, “The song he delivered touched us right away. We are very happy that Jeangu wants to go on this journey with us!”

Since his time in The Netherlands Jeangu has released a number of albums and singles with his most successful song 'High On You' reaching no.69 on the Dutch charts and no.1 in Suriname.

His music can be described as modern soul and you can find some example of his work below.


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