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Jaguar Jonze debuts her inaugural EP ‘Diamonds & Liquid Gold’

Jaguar Jonze has just released her inaugural EP, ‘Diamonds & Liquid Gold’ featuring six songs including her energetic ‘Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020’ entry ‘Rabbit Hole’.

‘Diamonds & Liquid Gold’ also features three previously released singles ‘Beijing Baby’, ‘You Got Left Behind’ and ‘Kill Me With Your Love’. During the week she premiered her new song ‘Rising Sun’ from the EP on Triple J Good Nights.

In what has been a busy few weeks for Jaguar Jonze, the EP release has coincided with the release of volumes of her colouring book which she has been sharing for free on social media. To keep her fans occupied she has a few events planned including a new music video and more volumes of her colouring book with online colouring sessions, all details below.

After Australia Decides this year, she travelled to the United States for a North American tour but it was cancelled due to COVID-19 where she flew back to Australia and went into self-isolation.

Unfortunately Jaguar Jonze contracted COVID-19 symptoms and tested positive. Since that result a few weeks ago she has struggled to overcome the virus and was hospitalised over night as a precaution as her symptoms persisted. But in an act of resilience she released a statement through Instagram that the release of her EP will go ahead:

We all wish Jaguar a speedy and safe recovery!!

While her new EP is available through online streaming services and digital music stores Jaguar Jonze is releasing limited physical copies of her EP. The first 100 copies of the ‘Diamonds & Liquid Gold’ CD will be signed and along with limited copies of the vinyl, which are numbered and signed. You can find them here.

Jaguar Jonze - ‘Diamonds & Liquid Gold’ EP Tracklist

1. Rising Sun

2. Rabbit Hole

3. Beijing Baby

4. Kill Me With Your Love

5. Diamonds & Liquid Gold

6. You Got Left Behind

‘Diamonds & Liquid Gold’ is available now on iTunes and Google Play and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Physical copies are available online through her online store here.


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