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Jael Wena and her family through to Grand Finale on 'The Voice Generations'

Image Source: Channel 7

Jael Wena, Australia's 2018 Junior Eurovision representative, has progressed through to the Grand Finale of Channel 7's 'The Voice Generations' with her family.

It was a unique Battle performance from the Wena's with Jael's father David, brother Israel and sister Esther having to rehearse and perform remotely as they were in isolation when the episode was recorded. Jael, her mother Rebekah and youngest sister were able to make it to the studio and together they performed Jess Glynne's 2018 hit 'I'll Be There'.

Before the battle, Jael explained that because the family were separated they would need to focus on connecting with each other and the audience. And they did just that, managing to pull off a seamless performance despite their separation.

Image Source: Channel 7

It was tough competition for the Wena's, battling against Coach Guy's other contenders 'Kids of Leo' consisting of former 90's boy band member Leo and his four children. Before the performance, Guy described both groups as being 'insanely talented' so it was always going to come down to the wire as to who went through to the Grand Finale.

After the battle, Keith advised Guy that he couldn't pick a winner but described both groups as being 'the perfect manifestation of family spirit in action'. Ultimately Guy decided to put through the Wena's, noting they had such tight harmonies it was hard to tell who was singing!

Jael and her family will now compete in tomorrow night's Grand Finale against three other teams - father and son Ty & Eddie (Team Keith), singing teacher & student Jess & Kelsi (Team Jess) and father and daughter Caitlin & Tim (Team Rita).

You can follow the Wena family's musical journey via their social media pages -

'The Voice Generations' concludes with the Grand Finale tomorrow night (Wednesday February 2) on Channel 7.


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