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Italy: Angelina Mango wins Sanremo 2024

In another hotly contested festival Angelina Mango proved too strong - taking home the Golden Lion on the final evening of Sanremo 2024 with the entry 'La noia'.

Angelina Mango fought off stiff competition from Geolier and Annalisa this year in a very open competition.

'La noia' hovered around the top of the score board throughout the festival and took the all important primo position by the final evening. The entry is currently #4 on Spotify Top 50 Italy with 4.6 million streams and on YouTube boasts 6.1 million views in 5 days

Top 5 Results:

1. Angelina Mango - 'La noia' 2. Geolier - 'I p' me, tu p' te'

3. Annalisa - 'Sinceramente'

4. Ghali - 'Casa mia'

5. Irama - 'Tu no'

Full Top 30 Results:

6. Mahmood - 'Tuta gold'

7. Loredana Bertè - 'Pazza'

8. Il Volo - 'Capolavoro'

9. Alessandra Amoroso - 'Fino a qui'

10. Alfa - 'Vai!'

11. Gazzelle - 'Tutto qui'

12. Il Tre - 'Fragili'

13. Diodato - 'Ti muovi'

14. Emma - 'Apnea'

15. Fiorella Mannoia - 'Mariposa'

16. The Kolors - 'Un ragazzo una ragazza'

17. Mr. Rain - 'Due altalene'

18. Santi Francesi - 'L'amore in bocca'

19. Negramaro - 'Ricominciamo tutto'

20. Dargen D'Amico - 'Onda alta'

21. Ricchi e Poveri - 'Ma non tutta la vita'

22. BigMama - 'La rabbia non ti basta'

23. Rose Villain - 'Click Boom!'

24. Clara - 'Diamanti grezzi'

25. Francesco Renga and Nek - 'Pazzo di te'

26. Maninni - 'Spettacolare'

27. La Sad - 'Autodistruttivo'

28. Bnkr44 - 'Governo punk'

29. Sangiovanni - 'Finiscimi'

30. Fred De Palma - 'Il cielo non ci vuole'

About Angelina Mango:

At just 22-years-old Angelina from Basilicata in Southern Italy debuted at Sanremo Music Festival this year. She rose to prominence in the Italian music industry after participating in the 22d edition of talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2023 where she collected a Lunezia Prize for musical valorisation in Italy.

She is the daughter of prominent singer-songwriter Giuseppe Mango (stage name "Mango") and Laura Valente, also a singer. Her father tragically passed in 2014. Angelina performed a heartful and dazzling cover of one of her fathers prominent songs 'La rondine' on Night 4 of the festival - one of the highlights of the entire week.

Angelina is relatively new to the Italian music scene - especially for Sanremo standards. In October 2023 she performed her maiden tour Voglia di Vivere Tour which started in Naples and was sold out in the main clubs of the peninsula.

Her notable singles include 'Ci pensiamo domani' which went triple platinum and 'Che t'o dico a fa'' which also reached platinum status. 'La noia' is on track to be her biggest hit yet - racking up 10.7 million listens across Spotify and YouTube.


It's to be noted that the winner of Sanremo will not necessarily go onto to represent Italy at Eurovision 2024. A decision is sometimes made on stage, shortly after the show or days later. It is up to the winner. In all circumstances follow us here at Aussievision to stay up to date with the latest news.

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giovanni bienne
giovanni bienne
Feb 11

Matia Bazar is only the name of the band her mother was one of the lead singers for

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