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Ireland: Aussievision's Eurosong rankings from 1st to 6th

Last week Irish broadcaster RTÉ revealed the six songs competing in their national selection, Eurosong 2022 to be hosted during a Eurovision special of 'The Late Late Show'.

The selection is to be held on February 4 where the winner will be decided by a mix of national jury, international jury and a public vote.

Before the actual national final, seventeen members of the Aussievision team voted for their favourite song out of the six.

The full results, including comments from the contributors, are below:

1. Brooke Scullion - 'That's Rich' (6 votes)

Voters: Cooper, Laura, Dale, Emma, Guy & Josh

"'That's Rich' is easily the standout entry in the Irish national selection this year. It's modern, fresh, radio-friendly and very cool. Brooke Scullion says she was inspired by Blondie and The Gossip while writing 'That's Rich' - I can clearly hear the influences of both artists on this song but Brooke puts her own stamp on it too, which is fantastic to see. Ireland, please choose this!" ~Laura

"Probably one of only two entries that doesn’t sound like it is was written to as a “Eurovision song”. It’s a basic but well executed pop song with a couple of hooks that I think would work in studio and live." ~Dale

"This has great energy! It has some sass, the lyrics are fun and I've wanted to keep listening to it ever since it dropped. This would be a great entry for Ireland this year." ~Guy

2. Rachel Goode - 'I’m Loving Me' (5 votes)

Voters: Craig, Fleur, Kyriakos, Steven & Mike

"To learn this was written by the same team as Rafal’s entry from last year was no surprise. There’s a heavy 80’s influence, now so familiar in many National Finals. It’s not breaking any new ground or anything, but it’s an easy listen in the studio version. I must say, I’m not sure I can see this on the Eurovision stage." ~Mike

"This song just pops out of the Irish song selection. Love the whole homage to the 80's! Would love Ireland to send a dance song like this!!" ~Kyriakos

"Europop that would have been contemporary in Contests of the late 80s/90s but now sounds awfully - in both senses of the word - dated. Should Ireland send this? No! But will I dance and sing along to it at future Eurovision events? YES! I also prefer it to last year’s (very similar sounding) entry from Poland’s Rachel … sorry, Rafał." ~Steven

3. Patrick O'Sullivan - 'One Night, One Kiss, One Promise' (4 votes)

Voters: Mark, Tim, Liv & Ruby

"Worst title of the bunch, a stinker of a lyric vid, but a bloody great tune. This is a world-class male pop vocal performance from Patrick. It feels familiar (in a good way), authentically Irish (there’s some U2 in there somewhere!) and finds a lovely middle ground been sparse and soaring. One of my top national final entries of the year so far." ~Mark

"There’s something very anthemic about this song. It has a real passion to it and I think it just has a little bit more than the other songs on offer music wise. The lyrics are alright and I think this could be a package that would stand out in Turin" ~Tim

"I am absolutely obsessed with this. Not revolutionary by any means...but is easily digestible and does have a nice Irish punch to the intonation which I enjoy immensely. Good production and personally perhaps Nicky Byrne co-writing this has skewed myself towards this entry." ~Liv

4. Miles Graham - 'Yeah, We're Going To Get Out Of It' (1 Vote)

Voters: Hayley

"This song feels a little more genuine singer-songwriter and a little less paint-by-numbers Eurovision for me and let's face it, Ireland does need to try something new. I quite like it, it is a nice little surprise." ~Hayley

4. Brendan Murray - 'Real Love' (1 Vote)

Voters: Hugo

"Doesn’t set the world on fire but is my favourite out of the selection. This is a really lovely ballad, sounds genuine to Brendan, and I like the melody of the chorus. Sadly I don’t think this has the legs to do well at Eurovision itself, but I still like it." ~Hugo

6. Janet Grogan - 'Ashes of Yesterday' (0 votes)

Voters: No votes

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