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Interview: Voyager share their Eurovision 2023 experience representing Australia and more

Photo credit: EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

It has been over three month since Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool where Perth-based band Voyager represented Australia with ‘Promise’.

The prog metal band qualified for the Eurovision Grand Final where they finished in 9th place. The fifth top 10 result from Australia.

After Eurovision, Voyager went on a tour across Australia and released their eighth studio album, 'Fearless in Love'. They are now busy getting ready for their European and UK tour and recently announced a national Australian tour for February 2024. We caught up with the whole band, Alex, Ashley, Danny, Scott and Simone, as they prepare for their overseas tour.

We asked the group what they thought of the whole Eurovision experience.

It was one of the greatest things I have ever done in my entire life. It was just so awesome. I think it was 99.8% awesome, the whole experience. For the six weeks we were over there for it to be 99.8% that's pretty good. I don't think you can top that. That's the problem now, how do we top this. It brought us together as a band. It made us do things, it challenged us. We've never done anything like this before, pardon the pun. ~ Danny

Voyager qualified for the Grand Final from semi-final two, and ended up winning the semi-final, the third time ever for an Aussie act at Eurovision, following Dami Im and Kate Miller-Heidke. When it came to the announcement that Australia was announced for the Grand Final the band said they experienced elation.

For me it was kind of cathartic. We did it, we've gone through, everything else now is just gravy, as I think the saying went. We didn't say it but it meant a lot to us to get through to the final. If we bombed out there we would have been like, urgh that's a bit crap. ~ Danny

The band has been on quite the Eurovision journey, which started with a hashtag to get Voyager to Eurovision from their fans back in 2015.

In 2022 they competed in 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' with the song 'Dreamer' where they won the televote and finished in second place, just missing out on heading to Turin for Eurovision.

Voyager will be on their way to Europe for their 'Europe/UK' Tour which starts in October in Cologne in Germany and ends in London in the UK. Some shows have already sold out with new shows having been added. Get all the details here.

We asked the group what they were looking forward to the most about the tour. Simone said:

"Playing music again. We got to do the Australian tour [after Eurovision] and that was amazing. There has been a lot less performance this year than what we usually do. It's been mainly focusing on Eurovision. We got a small taste on the Aussie tour and we are just dying to do for more people."

We also asked the Perth band what fans can expect from the 2024 Australian tour:

"We realised a lot of people missed out last time so we thought alright hopefully the people who saw us on the last tour would come again, plus the people who missed out last time... We look forward to doing what we do just bigger and better." said Danny.

When it comes to whether Voyager would consider a return to Eurovision they said they wouldn't want to do it again, but would be open to being involved in some capacity.

"It was so awesome, you can't beat 99.8% awesome" said Danny.

Check out more about Voyager's Eurovision experience, their interactions with the other artists, their reaction to their song's success and everything about their upcoming tours in the full interview below:

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