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Eurovision 2023 prog metal act Voyager release eighth studio album 'Fearless in Love'

Photo credit: Kate Eccarius

The wait is over! Voyager have just released their eighth studio album 'Fearless in Love'.

The album is absolutely packed with prog-synth-metal goodness and features some of the songs that we have grown to love from Voyager. These include their 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' 2022 entry 'Dreamer' and their Eurovision 2023 song 'Promise'.

'Fearless in Love' also included previously released singles 'Submarine', released in 2022, and 'Prince of Fire', which was released just after Eurovision this year.

Voyager's latest single taken from the album is 'Ultraviolet', a collaboration with Sean Harmanis, from metal band Make them Suffer.

The Perth rockers made Australia proud with their top 10 finish at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool. Voyager won their semi-final with their entry 'Promise' and finished 9th overall in the Grand Final.

Voyager have released 'Fearless in Love' in various formats. They include CD and vinyl variants (in black, solid blue, blue/red and crystal clear red/blue splatter). Check out all the vinyl limited editions here.

The band's Eurovision entry 'Promise' only appears on digital and CD versions of the album. It is not included in the initial production run of the vinyls, so these are now somewhat collectibles. 'Promise' is expected to be included in future pressings.

'Fearless in Love' Track list

  1. The Best Intentions

  2. Prince Of Fire

  3. Ultraviolet

  4. Dreamer

  5. The Lamenting

  6. Submarine

  7. Promise

  8. Twisted

  9. Daydream

  10. Listen

  11. Gren (Fearless In Love)

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