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Interview: Latino Aussie Jucaso on his San Marino Eurovision attempt

Latino Australian singer-songwriter Jucaso has reached the semi-finals of 'Una voce per San Marino (UVPSM) 2024', San Marino's Eurovision national selection show.

The Brisbane-based artist made it through the auditions (which over 700 people took part) to be one of 129 artists set to compete in one of four semi-finals.

Jucaso will be competing in semi-final two which is set to air on local channel San Marino RTV 20 February 2024 at 21:40pm CET. You can watch online here.

We caught up with Jucaso to chat about his exciting Eurovision adventure:

Congratulations on making the semi final of 'Una Voce per San Marino', before we chat about that, tell us about yourself and your career - we understand you're based in Brisbane?

I am originally from Colombia. I moved to Australia in 2013 and since then I called this amazing country my second home. My career started when I was 11, I used to be one of the main vocalist of a group band in my hometown called La Escala, touring around my state playing traditional Latino songs and that really woken up my interest for this industry.

I participated in different talent competitions during my teenage era which was so much fun and in that moment my closest family and friends realised I have a strong connection with music and that my dream was to be one day an artist.

Unfortunately for some time I had to stop my journey due to study and work commitments you know life stuff, then music became a hobby but always always in my heart, following reality music shows on TV for many years and my favourite artist careers getting lots of inspiration I guess for the future.

Until one day when things settled for me a lot better here in Australia I talked to myself and said “Is never too late I can still try to conquer my my music dreams" and started to write new songs in October 2022 then another song, lots of ideas and creativity here and there, took me where I  am now, more confident than ever and determine to make a name for myself and pursue my career making Pop music.

Jucaso released his first ever single, a slow-tempo pop dance song, 'I Wanna Kiss Tonight in November 2022.

So Eurovision, what is your journey with the contest? How did you become interested and how much have you followed it over the years?

What a good question! I discovered Eurovision because of another music competition from Spain I watched on TV for many seasons called Operación Triunfo. The first year this show came on TV in the 2000’s it was a huge hit and success in the country of flamenco and one of the prizes for the winner was to represent Spain in Eurovision.

The winner was Rosa Lopez and she sang 'Europe’s living a celebration' and she took other finalists I was also a fan of with her on the stage as a backup singers, from that moment I was like “What is this? This is amazing. I want to know everything about it and the rest was history haha.

Every year I was watching not only Operación Triunfo but also Eurovision and learning about all of the rules and stuff that only the Eurovision fandom knows about. It was so cool and inspiring to me to discover this type of competition and realising how big it is and important for so many people around the world including me.

What inspired you to audition for Una Voce per San Marino?

Well this answer has a bit of everything. One of them is my love for the Eurovision contest of course. One day I was talking to a friend about Eurovision stuff and he obviously knows I am a singer then he was like: "Why you don’t go to Eurovision? or a least try to be part of it?" My friend did it last year and I was like…"Really? How? Who? Tell me everything!!!"

So, he tells me I am friends with Veronica Romero from Operación Triunfo Spain and she was one of the artist competing in San Marino in 2022, you don’t need to be born there to compete, they allow any artist from anywhere in the contest so much good information to take and when I stopped to really think about it that was it, it was in my mind all the time knowing I could have a chance to maybe represent another country in Eurovision, meet so many other artists or a least get to live that whole experience with everything that involves was so crazy and exciting to me that I didn’t think twice and started to plan around it and when I have a goal I make sure I give it my absolutely best try to get to that final moment and I got there in the end.

Once you were in to audition, what was your own process with travelling to the tiny nation?

I can described this process as madness adrenaline x 100 and I love that definition. Before knowing I was through the semi-finals my grandmother has passed away in Colombia, I was really emotional and all I wanted was to be there for my family and grief together.

So I book tickets to Colombia for a quick 2 weeks trip then the day after I got the email from Una Voce Per San Marino: Congratulations you have advanced to the semi-finals the next steps are this and that. I was in misbelief, shock, so many feelings then I told my partner look this has happened he was like "well what are you waiting for? You need to go, you love Eurovision, you know we all support you go go go otherwise you will regret it for life", so cute my man. (little secret I made him a fan of Eurovision as well since we met haha) ok focus.

Then he started a GoFundMe for me to help me with some of the expenses for the trip and the support was overwhelming, helped me cover a good portion of the investment that comes with travelling from this far to San Marino, paying a producer to create the music for my song 'Hey Ciao'! getting the outfit, a place to book for rehearsals, hotel, food, transport, etc I have to manage so many things at the same time in 2 weeks in one hand my family and on the other the preparation for the contest.

I have never been so busy in my life but it was so worth it I was in my element being creative, having fun along the journey, I was a roller coaster of emotions but my loved ones kept me focused and knowing the huge support I had behind me was truly inspirational and something I’ll never forget in my career. This really was a breaking moment for myself in the best possible way.

Other than hoping to represent San Marino at Eurovision (just that small thing!) what else are you hoping to get out of professionally in 2024?

Yessss, love San Marino and it is people, such a beautiful small country it is a hidden gem. Well, like I said this is a moment in my career that made me realise how much I always love music and now I am fully convinced I am made for it.

Since the beginning of this year my main focus/goal was to started performing in different stages in Australia and of course internationally. I can’t believe I was baptised and I did my first live performance, on TV overseas and in something so close to my heart and important related to Eurovision. I am still over the moon, on a high I know I will be for a while.

I will keep writing music of course non stop, let my creativity flow and knock knock as many doors as I can to perform and get people in the industry to notice me. As you probably know being an independent artist could be challenging so this is also why Una Voce Per San Marino was a huge opportunity presented to me.

I won’t get tired of repeating this: If you know anyone in this industry that could give me a small kick, a chance to perform or be part of something related to music, career advice or wow something like guidance or a contact for a manager or a label THAT will be more than amazing. I am your man I am your start I am here haha. (I hope you guys invite me for the Eurovision viewing pre-party you do every year btw).

~ Darling I would LOVE to see you at the Aussie Eurovision preview party - consider it done! (Liv)

And if people want to follow your journey, where can they find you?

You amazing people, little stars can follow me on Instagram as @jucasoxmusic. There is a link there that will take you to my main music platforms such as my YouTube channel, YouTube music, Spotify, etc other music platforms, type my name and I am there.

I also recently joined TikTok too (make sure you find me haha). Message me online if you wanna talk about anything music related, music business and of course fellow artists that want to collab I am all down for it.

This might sound cliché but never give up on your dreams and like my song 'Hey Ciao' “Get up, dance and dream. Release all energy, let’s get together scream. This is my moment here, my moment here. Where I want to be HEY CIAO!"

I want you all to remember my song as an anthem to believe in yourself, in your talent ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

Good luck in the Una Voce per San Marino and thank you for joining us! Hope you have the most amazing experience and thank you so much for your time - we cannot wait to watch the show tomorrow!!

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