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IMERIKA wins Melodi Grand Prix semi-final 5

This morning saw the conclusion of the semi-final stage in Norway, with the running of semi final 5 of Melodi Grand Prix, and despite the technical difficulties we got a winner.

IMERIKA won the semi final, with her song 'I Can't Escape'.

In the first duel of the evening, it was the boys from TuVeia up against the duo of RIVER. In the end it was RIVER that took the win and progressed to the Gold Duel.

This left the second duel as a battle of the female soloists, as Ane.Fin took on IMERIKA.

Just as the second duel was getting underway, disaster struck for those of us outside Norway as the livestream went down, causing anyone watching the livestream to miss the majority of the second duel.

In the end, IMERIKA took the win, and went on to take on RIVER in the Gold Duel.

This morning also saw the last of the preview performances of the prequalified artists, and this morning’s performance was from fan favourite Rein Alexander and his song ‘Eyes Wide Open’.

IMERIKA now moves on to the final on 20th February, and they join Rein and the other pre-qualified artists as well as the previous semi-final winners in the final.

This week sees the Second Chance round, where all the artists that didn’t win their semi-final get another chance to make the final.


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