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Germany: Aussievision's 'Unser Lied für Liverpool' rankings

Last week, the German broadcaster ARD in collaboration with Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) finalised the nine entries for ‘Unser Lied für Liverpool’.

This is the selection show which will determine Germany’s entry at Eurovision this year.

11 members of the Aussievision team have ranked the songs to determine our winner.

Here are the results:

9. Ikke Hüftgold - 'Lied mit gutem Text' (34 points)

High: 7 points from John Christian

Low: 2 points from Kyriakos, Justin, Fleur, Steven, Dale and Emma. 3 points from Tim.

8. Lonely Spring - 'Misfit' (54 points)

High: 10 points from Tim

Low: 2 points from Hayley. 3 points from Kyriakos, Fleur, Dale and Hugo.

A bit of grunge rock isn’t terrible but it’s a bit of a cliché. I think I just comfortable with this song. It’s safe and it doesn’t challenge me too much but I think it’ll depend a lot on it’s performance live. ~ Tim

7. René Miller - 'Concrete Heart' (55 points)

High: 8 points from Zhi and Dale. 7 points from Emma.

Low: 3 points from John Christian, Hayley and Steven

6. Will Church - 'Hold On' (63 points)

High: 8 points from Emma. 7 points from Justin, Fleur, Zhi and Hugo.

Low: 4 points from John Christian, Steven and Tim.

5. Trong - 'Dare to Be Different' (68 points)

High: 10 points from Hayley and Emma.

Low: 2 points from Tim and Hugo. 3 points from Zhi.

What a delight he is! This song is catchy, sends a nice message and is overall a really good package. He is super cute and likable too and he can dance as well as sing! ~ Hayley

The lyrics are cheesy in parts and I don't like the rap but this is annoyingly catchy. It's what you might get if Jamiroquai were crossed with Human Nature with some oriental instrumentation thrown in! This would probably tank at Eurovision yet I find myself tapping my feet so it must be doing something right! ~ Emma

4. Frida Gold - 'Alle Frauen in mir sind müde' (75 points)

High: 12 points from Steven. 10 points from Kyriakos and Justin.

Low: 2 points from John Christian.

A native-language, artsy, heavily flamenco-inspired, feminist anthem is NOT what I was expecting from Germany, but it kinda works for me. It has points of difference, choosing it would be a step towards risk taking (which Germany needs to do!) and I can see performance potential that could captivate live. ~ Steven

This sounds so sophisticated and intimate. I love it! The music video is stunning and I can easily picture Frida on the Eurovision stage. ~ Kyriakos

I don't know how else to explain this track other than saying, "it sounds like it'd fit right in Portugal's Festival da Canção". For me, this just edged out Patty Gurdy's number, which I also enjoyed. ~ Justin

3. Anica Russo - 'Once Upon a Dream' (87 points)

High: 12 points from Justin. 10 points from John Christian, Zhi, Dale and Hugo.

Low: 3 points from Emma.

This is the first song to actually give me "winner vibes", which was exciting considering we're in the German National Final! At first, I thought it was not dissimilar to an older Paloma Faith track, but as I kept listening she definitely establishes her own style that'd very possibly flip the scoreboard for Germany. ~ Justin

If it's not Patty Gurdy, maybe this song will do the trick. ~ John Christian

This starts off as Germany’s answer to Lana del Rey before the punchy drum solo launches the listener into a song that oozes sass, sensuality and surprisingly hope. This musical composition perfectly reflects the main lyric “only a spark can light up a heart and her dreams came true one by one,” making this the most sophisticated song in the line-up. Anica also has an enchanting, fairytale-like beauty that will probably work in her favour in the national selection. ~ Zhi

Anica has a contemporary vocal and the song puts you into a false sense of security that you're woken from after the second chorus with a dramatic crescendo that I love. The only downside is that it takes a while to get there and at the same time kind of gives the song nowhere to go. Lots to like but will be interested to see how they stage this for dramatic effect. ~ Dale

Germany gets straight into the grand final, so they have the luxury of picking a jury friendly song and this is it. Such power, great vocals, builds nicely and what a chorus! Perhaps it takes a tad too long to get to the explosion of vocals, but once it does I love it. Will all rest on the vocal on the night, hopefully Anica can bring it. ~ Hugo

2. Lord of the Lost - 'Blood and Glitter' (90 points)

High: 12 points from Kyriakos, Fleur, Hayley, Dale and Hugo. 10 points from Steven.

Low: 2 points from Zhi. 3 points from Justin.

WHAT AN ENTRY!! 'Blood and Glitter' needs to go to Eurovision, this will get Germany some televote love they need. I love this, got hooked on the first listen, and the band look stunning! We need to see more glam camp rock at Eurovision. I have added this straight to my current Spotify playlist. ~ Kyriakos

Germany needs to send something that screams "Look at me". This does that in spades. This is big, loud and memorable. I love the instrumentation of this- I love my loud guitars and drums and this does not disappoint in that regard. There's also some electronic elements in the background that gives it something extra. The lyrics are a bit basic but Germany needs to take a big risk. Bring on some gothic metal, I say. ~ Fleur

My god doesn't this stand out from the rest of the pack! A German Nick Cave! If Germany wants to take a risk, they should send this! ~ Hayley

This is big, bombastic, loud and camp! This will stand out on a Eurovision stage which is something Germany has struggled at in recent years. It's still somewhat melodic even though it goes into thrashy shouty metal at times. Could this be a mess live? Ya! But could it also be amazing? Totally! ~ Dale

Ok I’m absolutely not for metal/rock in general, but this is great and would have the most impact at Eurovision I think. I love the pre-chorus, and there’s enough melody overall to bop my head along. The 80s inspired production works well in this, and the band has a fun and distinctive look, so you know something is coming on stage. Not my favourite song of the bunch, but Eurovision is much more than that, so the best overall package for me! ~ Hugo

Although entirely unlike my douze points choice in style, message or genre, 'Blood & Glitter' would mark something of a change from recent German Eurovision entrants and could - with the right staging - prove a stadium winner. Plus, (very) simple lyrics do sometimes work because they stick with you. I was singing along by the end of the song! ~ Steven

1. Patty Gurdy - 'Melodies of Hope' (101 points)

High: 12 points from John Christian, Zhi, Tim and Emma. 10 points from Fleur.

Low: 4 points from Dale.

This song is a combination of traditional elvish music with modern elements of pop. Germany, for four years, has always been consistent at the bottom five positions on the scoreboard. She must win and give Alessandra Mele a run for her money. ~ John Christian

I think the reason why this is my favourite song of the bunch is because it has distinguishable features to it that stand out. It has a distinctive Celtic or ethnic sound to it. I think this could give Germany an opportunity to drag itself off the bottom of the leaderboard. ~ Tim

Melodies of Hope' stands out from the pack in this national selection. It could be straight from the soundtrack of 'Eurovision Fire Saga' but in a good way. The hurdy gurdy makes this instantly memorable and I love the 'celtic' sounding melody. There's so much staging potential here. Please Germany select Patty Gurdy for Liverpool! ~ Emma

This is really pretty. It's very catchy and has elements of Euro-pop as well as having a Celtic sound. I quite like the lyrics too. Has the potential for some memorable staging at Eurovision. ~ Fleur

I love the folky elements of this song; it makes me want to get up and do a little jig! ‘Melodies of Hope’ is a tune I would have expected to see contesting on The Late Late Show earlier this month – it has a Celtic feel to it. It is certainly different from the generic and underwhelming pop Germany has sent to Eurovision in recent years. Patty Gurdy reminds me a little of another German female singer Oonagh who also experiments with Celtic and new age music. The lyrics to this tune are a tad cheesy, but there is certainly great potential to the whole act. ~ Zhi

‘Unser Lied für Liverpool’ will be held on 03 March 2023 (04 March at 8.20am ASDT) in Cologne and will be hosted by well-known German TV presenter, Barbara Schöneberger. The contest will be decided by 50% international jury votes and a 50% public vote via online/tele/SMS.

Germany is one of the ‘Big Five” nations and has automatic qualification to the final. They have participated 64 times and have won twice. Their first winner was Nicole in 1982 with ‘Ein bißchen Frieden’ with their most recent winner being Lena in 2010 with “Satelite’. Last year Germany was represented by Malik Harris and his song ‘Rockstars’ which finished in last place.

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