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France: La Zarra releases her song for Eurovision 2023, 'Évidemment'

After weeks of hype, French Canadian songstress La Zarra has this morning revealed her song for Eurovision 2023, "Évidemment".

The song was revealed as part of a Sunday night talk show hosted by French journalist Laurent Delahousse, '20h30 le dimanche'. During the show, viewers were treated to a prerecorded performance by La Zarra of the new song, which is now available on Youtube and all major streaming platforms.

During the interview, La Zarra spoke of her "great pride in representing France at Eurovision - France is the cradle of the Francophonie, of which Quebec is a big part."

Under questions, she admitted to being "very, very stressed" about facing the fans - but after that performance, she has nothing to worry about!

La Zarra has previously said that representing France at Eurovision was a "childhood dream" for her, owing to memories of her mother singing Marie Myriam's 1977 Eurovision winner "L'enfant et l'oiseau" to her from a young age.

Who is La Zarra?

La Zarra is the stage name of Fatima Zahra Hafdi, a rising star in the French music industry. Originally from the francophone Canadian province of Québec, a chance encounter with Canadian hip-hop producer Benny Adams would change the young artist's life when she convinced him to work with her following an impromptu performance of Céline Dion's iconic hit, "Pour que tu m'aimes encore".

In 2020, La Zarra relocated to France to expand her burgeoning music career. She released her first album, "Traîtrise", in 2021 - a record that defies genre classification, mixing elements of hip-hop, rap, French chanson and electro-pop. This reflects La Zarra's diverse musical influences, including both French and American icons such as Edith Piaf, Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra.

"Traîtrise" gave La Zarra her first commercial hit, "Tu t'en iras", which has been certified platinum in France.

A long-term feature in many French fans' Eurovision wishlists, La Zarra will now take "Évidemment" to Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, where France is (as always) pre-qualified for the grand final on 13 May 2023.

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