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Five things we discovered about 'One Milkali (One Blood)' from Electric Fields

Yesterday, Australia's Eurovision 2024 entry was revealed to be 'One Milkali (One Blood)' by Electric Fields.

In interviews and through other information during the day, here are five things we've discovered since the release of the song.

1. The inspiration

Credit: Robert Fielding / Shorts Gallery

Robert Fielding is the father of Zaachariaha Fielding and he created an art piece called Milkali Kutju.

The duo explained in interviews that this was the original inspiration behind the song. The official description of the piece is:

"In Anangu culture the word Milkali blood is a very sensitive word and can be used offensively, however, in this painting Milkali kutju means one blood. The painting is about Indigenous and non-Indigenous working alongside one another, learning and sharing two different cultures ngapartji - ngapartji (50-50)."

2. Zaachariaha Fielding's artwork will feature in the staging

Credit: Zaachariaha Fielding / Art Gallery NSW

Zaachariaha is an acclaimed visual artist and won the Wynne Prize for the best landscape at the coveted Archibald Prize.

In an interview with ABC Breakfast, they revealed that his artwork will be used in the staging.

"You are going to see my artwork, I think it's a no-brainer, give it to the world. It's landscape, it's a part of Australia. It's a gift from my other job as a visual artist, yes we're using my artwork."

In the official media release, Director of Blink TV and Australia’s Creative Director for Malmö Paul Clarke said:

"Electric Fields will bring something never seen before on the Eurovision stage."

In unofficial channels, the team has promised "something very special" for the Contest.

3. Kate Miller-Heidke gave them advice

Michael Ross, who is friends with Kate Miller-Heidke, asked her advice before taking on the Eurovision challenge.

When asked if it was worth it, she replied with two words:

"Fuck yes!"

4. A "synth lord" helped on production

The song was released by both Wonderlick Recording Company and Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

The song is written by Michael and Zaachariaha but production also included Luke Million.

Luke Million went viral back in 2016 for covering the theme of 'Stranger Things'.

Luke has gone on to be an accomplished artist and works from South Australia. He is known as "The Synth Lord" and has collaborated with a range of artists worldwide.

5. The meaning of 0.618

The lyrics "spill the tea on reality and the 0.618" had many wondering what this number means.

0.618 is a mathematical constant often referred to as the "golden ratio."

This ratio has been used in art, architecture, design, and is observed in nature. It's believed to result in aesthetically pleasing compositions and structures.

The golden ratio appears in the spiral arrangement of shells, the growth patterns of plants, and the proportions of the human body.

It's also found in architectural designs of historical significance and works of art, reflecting an underlying harmony and balance. Quite fitting for 'One Milkali (One Blood).'

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