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Five reasons to watch Junior Eurovision

Ok we get it, you're a grown adult and you're thinking 'why should I watch a bunch of kids sing, it's not really my thing?'

Well I was like you once, but my eyes have been opened to how bloody amazing the show is and here's my five reasons why you should tune in.

1. The show and production

Junior Eurovision in Minsk 2018

Unlike the senior version, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) isn't automatically hosted by the country the year before. This has seen a number of country’s who have never won Eurovision desperate to host and impress. This means they put on an incredible show with recent contests in Georgia and Belarus particularly impressive with a great stage, hosts and production. This year Poland is hosting for the very first time and already look to have a great show planned. It’s shorter, fun and more pure than the main contest.

2. The Talent

How many times have you watched a viral clip of a young kid perform on a ‘…. Got Talent’ or other reality show and lost your mind over it? JESC is full of contestants like this with incredible voices for a 14-year-old or younger. This year’s vocal superstar has to be Spain’s Melani Garcia who sounds like she could be performing opera on the world stage. But you also have pop, jazz and other iconic ballads to hear. You'll be amazed at most of their vocal abilities.

3. The Songs

Ok the vocals are good but the songs are too ‘cutesy pie’ I hear you say? WRONG. Last year’s winner 'Anyone I Want to be' for Poland was an absolute bop that Rihanna herself almost picked up. Alongside the more mature songs you could hear on commercial radio, you also have those designed for the more younger end of the market who genuinely have the catchiest damn earworms you ‘ll ever hear.

The French song 'Bim Bam Toi' this year is something that wouldn't be far off a 'Destination Eurovision' national final.

4. Australia is good!

Australia has been really quite successful since our debut in 2015. We have competed every year and made the top 10 on every occasion. We have made the Top 5 three times including a pair of third places in the last two years. Last year Jael (who you would have seen on Australia’s Got Talent’) won the jury, while the year before Isabella Clarke finished 3rd in the online voting – the highest any Australian song has finished in a public vote.

This year we are represented by Jordan Anthony who finished 4th place in The Voice Australia (senior not kids version) this year. AND with Junior Eurovision you get to vote online and you can vote for your own country!

5. Heart melting

There is a purity in the contest that Eurovision itself doesn’t have. Yes it’s still a competition with the same anxiety riddle scoring, but the kids genuinely seem absolutely chuffed to be there. They are supportive of each other and relish the chance to perform on a world stage representing their country. The results can almost feel quite secondary.

So it's time to get over your prejudices and tune in!

ABC ME will broadcast the Junior Eurovisoin contest on Monday evening 25th November. It will be available to watch online live on the Monday morning. Follow @aussievisionnet for details closer to the date.


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