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Five iconic Eurovision entries for Ukrainian Independence Day

Article from Alyce Collett

Despite only having the two wins on the board in their short history in the Eurovision Song Contest, Ukraine have had some fantastic results and iconic entries. On a personal note, they are one of my favourite countries in Eurovision. Special mention – Siren Song by Maruv (2019)

I couldn’t put this in this list because it never competed at Eurovision, but it was an iconic entry and couldn’t be completely left off this list. I can’t speak for everyone, but I certainly loved this song, and was devastated when it was announced it wasn’t going to be competiting in Tel Aviv. What a catchy song and unforgettable staging, even though the staging wasn’t completely PG. 5. Shady Lady by Ani Lorak (2008)

Shady lady I’m gonna strike like thunder Are you ready? I wanna make you wonder Rollin steady I’m gonna make you shiver My heart is burning One of Ukraine’s best results ever, and quite the fan favourite in the ESC community, this is an iconic song and very catchy. 4. Gravity by Zlata Ognevich (2013)

A catchy song mixed with some quirky staging. Who would complain about that? Zlata getting carried onto stage at the begging and then the backing singers rising up creates a visually pleasing three minutes as well as an audibly pleasant three minutes. 3. 1944 by Jamala (2016)

Ukraine’s second win came 12 years after its first, and one thing that makes this entry unique is it’s imagery. Who could forget the tree? The simpleness of the staging really helped the performance and those haunting long notes really created an atmosphere. Certainly a worthy winner. 2. Wild Dances by Ruslana (2004)

Ukraine’s first ever victory, and on a personal note my favourite ESC song ever. With unique staging and an amazingly catchy dance song, you’ve got one hell of a performance, let alone winning entry. It pains me so much to put this second, but when you see who is number 1, you’ll see why I chose the order I did. 1. Dancing Lasha Tumbai by Verka Seduchka (2007)

Now do you see why I had to put Wild Dances 2nd? What an iconic entry dancing Lasha Tumbai is. Catchy lyrics combined with wacky staging creates one memorable entry. As I finish this article, who wants to sing along with me? Sieben, sieben, ai lju-lju Sieben, sieben, ein, zwei Sieben, sieben, ai lju-lju Ein, zwei, drei!


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