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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin talks Eurovision while visiting Australia

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin on The Project / Photo credit: Network Ten

The Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has visited Down Under making history becoming the first ever Finnish leader to visit Australia.

During her stay Sanna was interviewed by The Project, an Australian talk show, where she was asked about Russia, politics and Eurovision.

Australian Prime Minister with Finnish Prime Minster meeting for trade talks / Photo credit: The Associated Press

She was jokingly asked whether she would be interested in a voting bloc between Finland and Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest, Sanna responded:

"Well actually, this is a very good question. This is a perfect question. I will be happy to answer it. I am a big Eurovision fan and I am also very happy that Australia is part of Eurovision. You always send such great competitors there. I think your songs are great and the persons actually presenting them, they are so great. We are very happy that you are there. And I think we might, even though it's against the rules, maybe we can later, setup that kind of bloc between Nordic countries and Australia."

Asked about whether Australia has been robbed at Eurovision Sanna said:

"It's the vote of the people. So people always vote. I think there has been very good Eurovision winners during the last years. So I don't criticise the winners but I think you have had great songs."

You can check out the full interview on The Project here:

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