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  • Jessika Ross

Finland reveal artists for their national final UMK

Overnight Finnish broadcaster YLE revealed the artists for the 2020 edition of their national final 'Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu' (UMK).

This year, UMK changed the format from having only one artist in the past two years (Saara Aalto in 2018 and Darude in 2019), to having a contest with six different artists, more similar to the pre-2018 format.

UMK 2020 will be on the 8th of March at 6am AEDT, and will be hosted by Finland’s 2010 Eurovision entrant Krista Siegfrids (Who has hosted UMK since 2016).

As is typical for National Finals, the vote will be made up of 50% International Jury and 50% Public Vote

The songs will be released individually between the 24th of January to the 31st of January.

The 2020 Entrants are:

  • Tika - ‘I Let My Heart Break’

  • Erika Vikman – 'Cicciolina'

  • Aksel Kankaanranta - 'Looking Back'

  • F3M – ‘Bananas’

  • Sansa – ‘Lover View’

  • Catharina Zühlke – 'Eternity'

The main name that may be familiar to people who have followed UMK in previous years is Catharina Zühlke who came second at UMK 2017 with her song ‘Perfect Villain’.

Additionally Tika was the winner of the X Factor in Finland in 2018 and may be one to watch.


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