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Eurovision winning songs ranked by YouTube views

Over the last 15 years we have seen quite a variety of songs and countries win the Eurovision Song Contest, but how do these songs stack up on Youtube?

We take a look and see which Eurovision winning songs have the most total views on the official Eurovision Youtube channel.

All figures are based on their full performance and music videos on the official Eurovision Youtube channel, and all figures are correct as of 16th May 2021:

10th: 2017 - Salvador Sobral - ‘Amar Pelos Dois’ (43,941,024 total views)

Portugal’s inaugural winner may have earned plenty of votes on Grand Final night, but it only came in tenth place on this list.

9th: 2009 - Alexander Rybak - 'Fairytale' (44,756,940 total views)

Alexander and his fiddle wowed audiences back in 2009. Despite being hailed a winner over a decade ago he still managed to be placed in 9th on this list. It is the oldest Eurovision winner in our list.

8th: 2013 - Emmelie de Forest - ‘Only Teardrops’ (45,015,660 total views)

Denmark’s drought breaking win was popular back then and still remains a favourite online managing eighth place on this list.

7th: 2016 – Jamala – ‘1944’ (48,789,181 total views)

Despite how watching her win may stir up some painful memories for Aussies, ‘1944’ is still pretty popular amongst the wider Eurovision fandom.

6th: 2019 - Duncan Laurence - ‘Arcade’ (67,839,479 total views)

Despite being the most recent entry on this list, The Netherland’s drought breaking victory has been very popular amongst the fans on Youtube, amassing a total of more than 67 million views in a matter of only a few years.

5th: 2012 - Loreen - ‘Euphoria’ (72,864,054 total views)

Despite winning the ESC250 vote for the last several years, surprisingly Loreen only managed 5th place on this list.

4th: 2010 - Lena - ‘Satellite’ (85,284,357 total views)

Germany’s second win has got quite an impressive view count tally, proving that it hasn’t been lost to the sands of time.

3rd: 2014 – Conchita Wurst - ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ (86,494,494 total total views)

Austria’s drought breaking win has still got its fans, despite the fact that the win was seven years ago.

2nd: 2015 - Måns Zelmerlöw - ‘Heroes’ (88,070,487 total views)

Måns and his balloon boy have acquired quite the fan base over the years, acquiring an impressive 88 million total views for the various official videos.

1st: 2018 – Netta – ‘Toy’ (227,648,854 total views)

The utter craziness of Netta and those clucking chicken noises are still resonating with fans three years later, with more than double the number of views that ‘Heroes’ has. The official music video has amassed over 153 million views alone.

Who from the class of 2021 will win this year’s contest and start the list of winners of the 2010s? We’ll find out in a matter of days


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