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Eurovision Triva Tournament - The 10 Grand Finalists

Over the last few weeks we have been going through multiple rounds of Eurovision trivia to find out who is our inaugural Aussievision Eurovision Trivia Tournament champion.

The tournament started with over 100 competitors and is now down to the final 10 after they got through three rounds of live quizzes to get past their fellow competitors.

On Monday night (Australian time) we will find out who are winner is.

Here are the contenders:


Form: 2nd in 1st Round / 1st in 2nd Round / 1st in Semi Final

Name: Nick

Twitter: @NickvLith

Country: The Netherlands

Occupation: Teacher (German)

I got hooked on Eurovision a good ten years ago when I saw Germany, my favourite country, were the favourites. When they won the show, I was sold. The confluence of cultures, the mix of sounds and especially the languages made sure the contest were incredibly attractive for me as a teen. Now I'm in my mid-twenties and nothing has changed yet. For the past nine years, I've been working in fan media with where I'm now the Deputy Editor in Chief. I'm incredibly happy to be in this final and never expected it!


Form: 2nd in 1st round / 2nd in 2nd round / 2nd in Semi Final

Name: Ryan

Twitter: @RyanCobb__

Country: United Kingdom

Occupation: Sales Assistant

The first Eurovision I watched was in 2001 when I was six years old and, as the years progressed, I became more and more addicted. The first entry I fell in love with was Evridiki’s “Comme çi comme ça”. Since 2012 I’ve watched as many national finals as possible and in 2016 I joined which has given me many Eurovision opportunities that I could have never imagined possible! My favourite Eurovision entry is Eleni Foureira’s “Fuego” and, just for you guys, my favourite Australian entry is Jessica Mauboy’s “We Got Love”.


Form: 1st in 1st Round / 3rd in 2nd Round / 3rd in Semi Final

Name: Jack

Twitter: @jackhlawson

Country: Israel

Occupation: Student

I first fell in love with Eurovision in 2017 and the contest has been a huge part of my life ever since.  When I was 20 years old, I traveled all the way to Lisbon (my first time solo-traveling) to attend my first ever Eurovision and cheer for my favorite entry, which happened to also be my own country’s entry.  Seeing it win and experiencing it all in person solidified my relationship with the contest.  The next year I found myself writing for and gearing up for Eurovision 2019 in my hometown of Tel Aviv, where I was featured as the BBC Eurovision Expert during the live semi finals.


Form: 1st in 1st Round / 3rd in 2nd Round / 1st in Semi Final

Name: Sean

Twitter: @neketebote

Country: United States

Occupation: Student

I discovered Eurovision in late 2013 and it very quickly became my one true obsession. I started off listening to the classic contests before listening to the new ones, which helped me learn more about those contests. I am also a contributor for ESCXTRA.


Form: 7th in Second Chance Round / 2nd in 2nd Round / 5th in Semi Final

Name: Anita

Country: United Kingdom

Occupation: Law Student

My earliest memory of Eurovision was Lordi winning for Finland in 2006 with “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. 7-year-old me watched the winner’s reprise partly in fear and partly in awe! In a way, this was the perfect introduction to the magic of the contest, which has the power to make me sing along to foreign languages, love the cheesy jokes of the hosts and stay awake until the early hours to see the results. But for me the most magical thing, which brings me back year after year, is the contest’s power to celebrate diversity on a truly global platform.


Form: 1st in Second Chance / 5th in 2nd round / 2nd in Semi Final

Name: Celso

Twitter: @CelsoFe_rreira Country: Portugal

Occupation: Chef

I watched Eurovision since I was a kid with my family. My favourite song ever is Senhora do Mar by Vânia Fernandes.


Form: 3rd in 1st Round / 9th in 2nd Round / 5th in Semi Final

Name: Adrian

Twitter: @locheurovision

Country: Australia (lives in Scotland)

Occupation: Teacher

First contest was in 1993, have watched it live ever since on the telly and many older contests.  Favourite song - Regina - Bistra Voda.  Totally devastated we won't get to see Cleopatra live on stage.  Think Italy is the most 'robbed' country of the 2010's, Russia a close second.


Form: 1st in 1st Round / 6th with 2nd Round / 3rd in Semi Final

Name: Tom

Twitter @escthomasuk

Country: Wales (UK)

Occupation: Student

I have been a Eurovision fan since 2013, and I've been an editor at ESCXTRA since August 2018. I have a huge love for the contest and its diversity it brings every year. I am an avid Eurovision geek and love knowing every fact there is to know about the history of the contest, 1956-now! I also love the fact Australia takes part and to be fair, you always send great entries!


Form: 5th in 1st Round / 8th in 2nd Round / 4th in Semi Final

Name: Evan

Twitter: @evanmstewart

Country: United States

Occupation: Physician

I discovered the contest on an online message board back in the Aughts and loved the mixture of European geography, ethnopop, and flamboyant performance. Since then, I've become a little more obsessed every year. These days, I regularly attend parties with a fanclub called EurovisioNYC here in New York. 2020 was going to be my first ever time attending the live contest... Here's hoping for 2021! 


Form: 2nd in 1st Round / 9th in 2nd Round / 4th in Semi Final

Name: Angelito

Trivia: @AndjoSant

Country: Australia

I like to watch Eurovision on the television annually.


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