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Eurovision State of Origin: Queensland v New South Wales

Tonight the annual State of Origin rugby league series kicks off between New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD)

These two States also have a strong record at Eurovision and 'Australia Decides' and we wanted to see who came out on top.

Round 1 - Who has the most acts?

Looking at all artists who have competed at Eurovision (for Australia or another nation) plus 'Australia Decides' this is how it stacks up:


  • Gina G (Eurovision 1996 for the UK)

  • Dami Im (Eurovision 2016)

  • Kate Miller-Heidke (Eurovision 2019)

  • Courtney Act (Australia Decides 2019)

  • Sheppard (Australia Decides 2019)

New South Wales

  • Isaiah Firebrace (Eurovision 2017)

  • Montaigne (Eurovision 2020/2021)

  • Jane Comerford (Eurovision 2006 for Germany)

  • Anja Nissen (Eurovision 2017 for Denmark)

  • Mary-Jean O'Doherty (Eurovision 2015 for Armenia)

  • Alfie Arcuri (Australia Decides 2019)

  • Casey Donovan (Australia Decides 2020)

  • Diana Rouvas (Australia Decides 2020)

  • Jack Vidgen (Australia Decides 2020)

  • Mark Vincent (Australia Decides 2019)

  • Mitch Tambo (Australia Decides 2020)

Although Queensland and NSW share the same amount of Eurovision artists for Australia, the 'blues' come out on top for total Eurovision artists (5-3) and Australia Decides artists (6-2) to comfortably win this round.

Round 1 winner (total acts): New South Wales: 11-5

Round 2 - who has the best Eurovision results?

Well we all know Dami Im has the best result with a runner-up position in 2016, but it doesn't stop there for Queensland.

All three Queensland acts made the Top 10 (2nd for Dami, 8th for Gina G and 9th for Kate Miller-Heidke).

While the best three results for New South Wales was 9th for Isaiah, 14th for Jane Comeford as part of Texas Lightning and 16th for Mary-Jean O'Doherty as part of Geneology for Armenia finished 16th. (Anja Nissen also made the final finsihing 20th).

Hands down an easy winner for Queensland.

Round 2 winner (total Top 10s): Queensland 3-1

Round 3 - who has the best Australia Decides results?

Well we know that both Montaigne for NSW and Kate Miller-Heidke for QLD both won Australia Decides, but how did the rest of the acts go?

Let's see what the average result was:

New South Wales

  • Montaigne - 1st

  • Casey Donovan - 2nd

  • Alfie Arcuri - 5th

  • Mitch Tambo - 5th

  • Diana Rouvas - 7th

  • Mark Vincent - 7th

  • Jack Vidgen - 8th

Average: 5th


  • Kate Miller-Heidke - 1st

  • Sheppard - 3rd

  • Courtney Act - 4th

Average: 3rd

Round 3 winner (average rank): Queensland 3rd to 5th

So that gives the series 2-1 to Queensland in our books, but let us know if you disagree!


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