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Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Semi-Final 2 preview

The Eurovision Song Contest continues tomorrow morning, with the last 10 slots in this weekend's grand final up for grabs!

The second semi-final kicks off at 5:00am in Australia (AEST) and here's a recap of who the entries are and their odds of getting through.

There are 17 entries competing in this semi-final and you'll find them below in the order they will appear in the show (plus their odds and odds ranking), with 10 qualifying for this weekend's Grand Final.

1 – San Marino

Senhit – ‘Adrenalina’ Odds to qualify: $1.11 (6th)

Senhit used to be a theatre performer in ‘Fame’, ‘The Lion King’, and ‘Hair’, and is returning to Eurovision after 10 years following her failure to qualify from the semi-finals in 2011. 'Adrenalina' features a rap verse from internationally famous rap sensation Flo Rida.

2 – Estonia

Uku Suviste – ‘The Lucky One’ Odds to qualify: $4.33 (15th)

Uku has competed in the Estonian national final four times, winning the show twice (once last year and once again this year). He won the competition’s superfinal with 46% of the televote.

3 – Czech Republic

Benny Cristo – ‘Omaga’ Odds to qualify: $3.25 (13th)

Benny Cristo has been a fixture in the Czech music scene since appearing on it’s version of ‘Idol’, even opening for international superstar Pitbull during his world tour. He is a champion-level practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a vegan, and an animal rights activist.

4 – Greece

Stefania – ‘Last Dance’ Odds to qualify: $1.04 (=4th)

Stefania is a graduate from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, having competed for the Netherlands in 2016 as a member of the girl group Kisses with the song ‘Kisses and Dancin’, where they placed 8th.

5 – Austria

Vincent Bueno – ‘Amen’ Odds to qualify: $2.00 (11th)

Vincent Bueno and his stunning vocals have attempted to represent Austria at Eurovision before, competing in the Austrian national final in 2016, and he provided backing vocals for Nathan Trent’s ‘Running on Air’ in 2017.

6 – Poland

Rafał – ‘The Ride’ Odds to qualify: $5.50 (=16th)

Rafał has not only attempted to represent Poland in the past (he took part in the Polish national final in 2017), but actually hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2020 alongside Ida Nowakowska-Herndon and Małgorzata Tomaszewska.

7 – Moldova

Natalia Gordienko – ‘Sugar’

Odds to qualify: $1.83 (10th)

Natalia Gordienko first graced the Eurovision stage in 2006 alongside Arsenium and Connect-R with the song ‘Loca’, and this year competes with an entry written by Eurovision’s “Dream Team”.

8 – Iceland

Daði & Gagnamagnið – ’10 Years’ Odds to qualify: $1.01 (=1st)

Daði og Gagnamagnið is an Icelandic group that promoted the release of their song ’10 Years’ with a videogame, and features a choir of Eurovision fans in their backing vocals, making use of this year’s rule change.

9 – Serbia

Hurricane – ‘Loco Loco’ Odds to qualify: $1.28 (8th)

Hurricane’s members are no strangers to Eurovision. Sanja Vučić competed against Dami Im in 2016 with ‘Goodbye (Shelter)’, a song about domestic abuse, while Ksenija Knežević is the daughter of famed Montenegrin 2015 representative Knez.

10 – Georgia

Tornike Kipiani – ‘You’ Odds to qualify: $5.50 (=16th)

Tornike Kipiani is a father of three who has a talent for winning talent shows, having won ‘X Factor Georgia’ in 2014 and ‘Georgian Idol’ in 2019, which won him the right to represent Georgia on the Eurovision stage.

11 – Albania

Anxhela Peristeri – ‘Karma’ Odds to qualify: $1.50 (9th)

Anxhela Peristeri has taken part in Albania’s famed festival of song Festivali i Këngës twice (once in 2001 and then again last year), but also began working as a model in the 2000’s, where she participated in the Miss Albania Pageant.

12 – Portugal

The Black Mamba – ‘Love Is on My Side’ Odds to qualify: $1.20 (7th)

The Black Mamba is a Portuguese band that formed in 2010, singing ‘Love Is on My Side’, a song about an old woman they met while touring in Amsterdam, who shared with them her story of addiction and prostitution in her youth.

13 – Bulgaria

Victoria – ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ Odds to qualify: $1.01 (=1st)

VICTORIA first rose to fame in ‘X Factor Bulgaria’ in 2015, where she had to compete against Eurovision alum Kristian Kostov (who came second in Eurovision in 2017). Her Eurovision entry is taken from her debut EP which was released earlier this year.

14 – Finland

Blind Channel – ‘Dark Side’ Odds to qualify: $1.04 (=4th)

Hailing from Oulu in Finland, Blind Channel formed in 2013, and have played at Germany’s Waken Open Air – the world’s largest outdoor heavy metal festival, and won their national final with more than 54% of the total votes cast.

15 – Latvia

Samanta Tīna – ‘The Moon Is Rising’ Odds to qualify: $3.50 (14th)

Samanta Tīna has wanted to go to Eurovision for so long that many Eurovision fans will have known who she was before she makes it to the stage. Samanta has competed in seven national finals attempting to represent two countries before finally making it.

16 – Switzerland

Gjon’s Tears – ‘Tout l’Univers’ Odds to qualify: $1.01 (=1st)

22-year-old Gjon Muharremaj (known professionally as Gjon’s Tears), has competed in talent shows across Europe, including ‘Albania’s Got Talent’, ‘Switzerland’s Got Talent’, and ‘The Voice France’. He is hoping his incredible falsetto’s in the French-language ‘Tout l’Univers’ will secure his way through to the grand final.

17 – Denmark

Fyr & Flamme – ‘Øve os på hinanden’ Odds to qualify: $2.63 (12th)

Fyr & Flamme are a duo made up of the lead singer of a band and a television actor, who have described themselves as “teenage idols your parents can understand”, and have had success domestically in Denmark.

How can I watch?

You can tune into SBS from 5:00am AEST, with the show also available on SBS On Demand.

SBS will also be airing a primetime repeat of the broadcast at 08:30pm AEST on Saturday.

How can I vote?

Unfortunately, Australians are ineligible to vote in this semi-final, as we voted and competed on Wednesday morning. However, the United Kingdom votes in this semi-final, so if you have family over there, you could ask them to vote for your favourites on your behalf.


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