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Eurovision on Australian Survivor

It was the crossover no one knew we needed.

Last night on Australian Survivor during an immunity challenge one of the contestants, Baden Gilbert, referenced everyone’s favourite contest… Eurovision!

Yes we’ve all heard a random song like ‘Monsters’ at the shops, ‘I Can’t Go On’ on The Block and even ‘Heroes’ during a few random sporting events… but this was a legit mention of the contest itself.

While being in a permanent planking position Baden, who is doing his PhD on the physics of the ionosphere, worked his way through lists to keep his mind off the pain and to quiz his fellow opponents.

First it was the Summer Olympics and then he started listing the cities Stockholm… Copenhagen, Malmö and Baku.

We’re unsure if he left off Vienna (how could you, being Australia’s debut?) or whether it was obscured with host Jonathan LaPaglia speaking.

After hinting at it being European cities, fellow contestant and Queensland farmer, Daisy, guessed ‘Eurovision’ correctly (in between telling him to shut up). We're glad the contest is known in remote Queensland!

Baden, from Adelaide, unfortunately lost the challenge but survived Tribal Council to continue on to the Top 8 of the program.

As Survivor obsessives we loved this brief crossover with the contest and so did other fans. Here's some reactions from Twitter:

You do have to worry about us Eurovision fans in the off-season if we get this excited about a brief reference on a television show....

At least the new Eurovision season starts shortly with September 1st our unofficial 'New Year'.

Australian Survivor itself continues on Channel 10, Sunday night at 7:30pm.


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