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Eurovision live-on-tape semi-finalists - Our rankings

This morning saw the broadcast the 'Eurovision Song Celebration - Live-on-Tape - Part 1 - The Semi-Finalists'.

12 of the acts who missed out on the Grand Final had their 'live-on-tape' shown including our very own Australia.

Ireland was the only nation not to participate in this show.

We also did not vote for Australia since it is our home nation (though we think it would have done extremely well!).

The show was held by Finland's Krista Siegfrids who represented the nation at Eurovision 2013 with 'Marry Me'.

You can watch the full show here, but scroll down for our rankings!

A few dedicated members of the Aussievision team woke up for another early 5:00am start to check out the show and vote for our favourites.

And the results are in:

11th: Georgia - Tornike Kipiani - 'You' - 0 points

10th: Czech Republic - Benny Cristo - 'Omaga' - 13 points

9th: Romania - Roxen - 'Amnesia' - 21 points

8th: Slovenia - Ana Soklič - 'Amen' - 22 points

7th: North Macedonia - Vasil - 'Here I Stand' - 23 points

6th: Latvia - Samanta Tina - 'The Moon is Rising' - 26 points

5th: Estonia - Uku Suviste - 'The Lucky One' - 31 points

4th: Austria - Vincent Bueno - 'Amen' - 37 points

3rd: Croatia - Albina - 'Tick Tock' - 52 points

2nd: Poland - RAFAŁ - 'The Ride' - 59 points

1st: Denmark - Fyr & Flamme - 'Øve os på hinanden' - 62 points

Although Denmark proved to be our favourite, it was Poland who were the biggest glow up.

100% of the Aussievision team voting said they did the best job of their live-on-tape performance and were the biggest improvers of the night

Well done RAFAŁ!


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