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Eurovision fan profile: Sharone from Melbourne

We continue our new series of Eurovision fan profiles with the lovely Sharone from Melbourne.

Sharone has been an amazing Eurovision fan where she shares her great love for the Contest on Instagram.

We had a chat with Sharone to find out how she became a fan of the Contest, we all know and love.

Welcome to Aussievision, tell us all about yourself!

I was born in 1994 in Melbourne and raise in the city. Outside of Eurovision I love sport. I particularly watch AFL and football (soccer). The teams I follow are Carlton in the AFL and Juventus in the Serie A and Tottenham in the Premier League. Another interest of mine are movies. I love going to the cinemas whenever possible. I also love musicals too- I will see Mamma Mia in November. I volunteer at an aged care centre where I teach residents how to use the computer and I also do PowerPoints on their life. One of the residents was in a band at the University of Western Australia the same university as Voyager. Unfortunately the resident passed away last November.

Photo: Sharone with Carlton AFL Player Patrick Cripps

What are your first memories of Eurovision?

My first memory of the contest was in 1998 when I was 4 and I was in Israel with my family (I have a big family there). I was at my grandparent's house and the video clip for Diva was on TV. I walked passed it and watched it. Another memory was seeing Lordi's win and how weird it was. Now the song is an absolute banger! Another memory was Alexander Rybak's win and one of my classmates had a massive crush on him!

When and what prompted you to become a fan of the Contest?

I was a fan of the contest since I was a teen. I would keep track of songs especially since Australia joined but never got up at 5am but I kind of regret not starting that sooner especially in 2015. I would also watch Australia Decides and vote. What got me to become a fanatic was when the Netflix movie came out and I decided to get up at 5am to watch the Contest. I was so happy when Italy won in 2021 and was happy to get up early and cheer them on.

Have you ever been to the Contest?

I have not been to the contest yet. I would absolutely love too! My aim is to go in a few years time once I save some money or win lotto! Manifesting it into existence.

What are your thoughts on Australia since we joined and if we should stay?

I love that we are in the contest and that we are doing well. I really hope we stay because of how well we are going. A couple of top 10 placings and winning semis! We know how to do Eurovision!

Ok so here's our quick fire round. Which Eurovision song/s:

Was the best winner?

Måneskin - 'Zitti e Bouni'

Are your top three entries of all time?

1. Il Volo - 'Grande Amore'

2. Verka Serduchka - 'Dancing Lasha Tumbai'

3. Barbara Pravi - 'Voila'

Was robbed?

Käärijä - 'Cha Cha Cha'

Your guilty pleasure?

Konstrakta - 'In Copro Sano'

Was the best live stage performance?

The amazing Kate Miller-Heidke with 'Zero Gravity'

Favourite country at Eurovision?

Italy. They always sing in Italian and produce beautiful songs. Favourite entry hands down has to be the amazing 'Grande Amore' by Il Volo. How could you not pass up three good looking Italian men serenading you? Plus one of them is my husband. Sorry ladies (and gays!).

Is your favourite National Final song (that didn't make it to Eurovision)?

Jaguar Jonze - 'Little Fires' (Eurovision - Australia Decides 2022)

And finally: Is there anything you would change about Eurovision?

Juries should have less say in the results in the Grand Final.

Thank you for your time Sharone!

Check out our previous 'Eurovision fan profile - Jola from Brisbane via Poland' here. For continued updates on all the Eurovision news follow Aussievision on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Threads. All links at:


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