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Eurovision average rankings from 2015 to 2023

Sadly, the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is over, but that means we have another year of data to analyse and "geek out" over!

We've taken the results of 2023 and calculated the average ranking of each nation since Australia entered the Contest in 2015.

The rankings from those who only appeared in the semi-finalis has been sourced by Eurovisionworld who look at the total points each entry receives, and from how many nations, for a ranking that goes beyond the 25 or 26 Grand Finalists.

The results in reverse order are:

44 to 40

44. San Marino - 32.75

43. Montenegro - 32.67

42. Ireland - 32.13

41. North Macedonia - 29.86

40. Georgia - 29.75

San Marino falls behind Montenegro and Ireland after placing last in the semi-final this year with zero points.

Ireland's 31st was their best result since qualifying in 2018 while Georgia, despite not qualifying since 2016, remain top of this list.

39 to 30

39. Latvia - 28.13

38. Belarus - 27.40

37. Slovenia - 27.13

36. Bosnia and Herzegovina - 27.00

35. Iceland - 26.75

34. Denmark - 25.63

33. Malta - 24.88

32. Croatia - 24.86

31. Finland - 24.50

30. Albania - 23.38

Qualifications by Slovenia, Croatia and Albania saw their average result rise, while runner-up Finland may appear to be very low in this list.

Despite three Grand Finals in a row (including two Top 10s), Finland has finished in the 30s half the time they have competed since 2015. However, if you look at just the 2020s, Finland is ranked 5th.

29 to 21

29. Romania - 23.29

28. Switzerland - 23.25

27. Germany - 22.88

25. Austria - 22.38

25. Greece - 22.38

23. Czechia - 22.13

23. Poland - 22.13

22. Armenia - 21.00

21. United Kingdom - 20.75

Qualifications for Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Poland and Armenia sees their averages increase.

Germany and UK remain the two "Big 5" nations whose averages are still in the 20s.

20 to 11

20. Portugal - 20.29

19. Estonia - 20.13

18 Spain - 19.75

17. Hungary - 19.20

16. Azerbaijan - 18.88

15. Moldova - 18.63

13. Lithuania - 17.50

13. Netherlands - 17.50

12. Serbia - 17.13

11. Cyprus - 17.00

This section is full of small nations who punch above their weight: Cyprus, Lithuania, Moldova and Estonia.

Moldova and Lithuania qualified for the third time in a row while Cyprus has only missed the Grand Final once since 2015. Additionally, Estonia climb the ladder following their Top 10 result this year.

All four of these nations have populations under 3 million people.

On the flipside, The Netherlands dropped following their first NQ since 2015, while Spain has snuck into an average ranking under 20, thanks to Blanca's 17th in Liverpool.

The Top 10

10. Belgium - 15.63

Gustaph's 7th place in Liverpool was Belgium's fourth Top 10 result since 2015. It has been a consistent comeback for the nation who non-qualified in 2018 and 2019.

9. Israel - 15.00

A bronze medal placing for Israel saw them bounce back from an NQ in Turin. They also made the Top 10 for the third time out of eight Contests.

8. France - 14.25

Despite a better placing than 2022, France will be disappointed with 16th in Liverpool. Their average ranking dropped just slightly from 14.00 last year.

7. Bulgaria - 13.80

There was no Bulgarian entry this year, so their average ranking stays the same. They have only competed five times in the past eight Eurovision Song Contests, but have made the Top 10 three times. Let's hope they return next year.

5. Norway - 12.88

Alessandra's 5th place was their first Top 5 since 2013, though they have made the Top 10 on five occasions since 2015 (and seven times since 2013). One of the most consistent nations in Eurovision, they are certainly building for a potential title in the near future.

5. Australia - 12.88

Thanks to Voyager's epic performance, Australia has its fifth Top 10 since our debut in 2015. It sees our average ranking rise again and, with Norway, we are the best current nation on average outside the Big 3 of Italy, Sweden and Ukraine.

4. Russia - 10.60

Russia's average ranking will likely remain like this for some years to come. They are unlikely to return for some time, for obvious reasons.

3. Ukraine - 9.00

Ukraine has never missed a Grand Final and it was the same again this year as co-hosts. Tvorchi's 6th place was their fourth Top 10 in six occasions and their third in a row.

2. Italy - 5.38

Marco Mengoni's 4th place was Italy's sixth Top 10 in a row! Since 2015, Italy has only finished lower than 6th on one occasion, this is an INCREDIBLE record. However, Sweden's win has seen Italy drop from No.1 spot in average ranking by the tiniest margin.

1. Sweden - 5.25

Loreen's victory sees Sweden win an equal most amount of Eurovision titles of all time with Ireland. They also sneak in front of Italy for the best average since Australia came into the Contest. Like Italy, they have only missed the Top 10 once since 2015, but more importantly they have won the trophy twice compared to Italy's one victory.

So those are the average rankings of Eurovision since Australia made their debut.

It certainly is the era of Sweden and Italy with Ukraine just behind and Norway and Australia next as consistent high performers.

Let's hope Australia is back next year to keep pushing that average ranking even higher.

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