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Eurovision 2022: The songs Europe and Australia agree and disagree on

We recently ran a poll of 240 Eurovision fans in Australia and across Europe to find out their favourite entries of this year.

Each fan was given up to 10 televotes to use in any way they like, including voting for an entry more than once.

This was to help replicate the actual public vote, rather than 12, 10, 8 points etc, and to match Eurovision rules Australia was not included (as we are mainly an Aussie related Eurovision site).

240 fans took part with 2,336 individual votes and the results showed some interesting findings when comparing Australia and Europe.

There were many entries we agreed on, but there were many differences in opinion. Let's take a look:

What did Australia like more than Europe?

Latvia: Citi Zēni - 'Eat Your Salad'

Australia: 18th

Europe: 32nd

Slovenia: LPS - 'Disko'

Australia: 24th

Europe: 35th

Israel: Michael Ben David - 'I.M'

Australia: 22nd

Europe: 31st

Which favourites did Australia warm to more?

Poland: Ochman - 'River'

Australia: 7th

Europe: 15th

Italy: Mahmood & Blanco - 'Brividi'

Australia: 3rd

Europe: 8th

What did Europe like more than Australia?

Germany: Malik Harris - 'Rockstars'

Europe: 23rd

Australia: 33rd

Romania: WRS - 'Llámame'

Europe: 18th

Australia: 26th

Denmark: Reddi - 'The Show'

Europe: 28th

Australia: 35th

Lithuania: Monika Liu - 'Sentimentai'

Europe: 13th

Australia: 20th

Which favourites did Europe warm to more?

Netherlands: S10 - 'De Diepte'

Europe: 3rd

Australia: 10th

What did Europe and Australia agree on?

The favourites

Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs - 'Hold Me Closer'

Australia: 1st

Europe: 1st

Spain: Chanel - 'SloMo'

Australia: 2nd

Sweden: 2nd

The bottom dwellers

Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project - 'Intention'

Australia: 39th

Europe: 39th


Australia usually goes for the more "novelty" based songs than Europe, but on these two there was consensus.

Norway: Subwoolfer - 'Give that Wolf a Banana'

Australia: 5th

Europe: 6th

Moldova: Zdob și Zdub and Frații Advahov - 'Trenulețul'

Australia: 23rd

Europe: 22nd

So there you have it, as expected there was a lot of broad agreement between fans but some rather interesting regional differences.

Will that prove to be the same in Turin? We will have to wait until May to find out!

To see the original poll results for Australia visit our article here.

And to see how Europe voted 39th to 1st, visit those results here.


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