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Eurovision 2022: Our semi-final 1 predictions

Photo credit: EBU / Andres Putting / Corinne Cumming

Now that the rehearsals for the semi-finals of Eurovision 2022 are complete, the Aussievision team has made some predictions.

16 members of the team all chose their 10 qualifiers and here are our results...

16/16 votes

The countries that 100% of the team believe will qualify are (with the betting odd ranks of qualifying in brackets):

  • Greece (2nd in the semi-final 1 odds)

  • Netherlands (3rd)

  • Norway (4th)

  • Ukraine (1st)

All four have done well during rehearsals, all were seen as "sure fire" qualifiers before Turin. Greece has impressed by winning the press poll on May 4th with Ukraine coming in second place with the press.

It will be interesting to see what battles take place to score to the top placing from the juries and televoters. Most probable is Ukraine versus Norway in the televote for the top spot and Greece versus Netherlands with the jury.

With 15/16 votes are:

  • Albania (7th in the semi-final 1 odds)

  • Armenia (5th)

Both Albania and Armenia have offered entries with great overall packages. Albania is set to open semi-final 1 with a bang! Armenia offers a unique staging this year with a nice surprise, one to watch out for. All but one team member believes they are safely through to the Grand Final.

With 13/16 votes is:

  • Latvia (9th in the semi-final 1 odds)

Some may find it a surprise to see Citi Zēni in our certain list of qualifiers, but the group really do offer an energetic and colourful performance that will definitely stand out.

Our 8th qualifier with 12/16 votes is:

  • Portugal (6th)

Portugal had some scheduling issues during the rehearsals as unfortunately a member of their delegation testing positive for COVID-19. Portugal managed to rehearse later on in the day and did well with the press poll for May 4th, coming in third behind Ukraine and Greece.

Our 9th qualifier with 11/16 votes is:

  • Moldova (8th)

The team's placing of Moldova is almost on par with the booking odds for semi-final 1.

For our 10th and final spot with 9/16 votes we have:

  • Switzerland (10th)

Bang on with the odds placing the team have Switzerland as our 10th place qualifier for semi-final 1. The staging is very tight and intimate, there are definitely little nuggets in this for the jury to give it some love and see it through to the Grand Final.

With 6/16 votes are:

  • Bulgaria (17th)

  • Iceland (13th)

Now the team have Bulgaria in a higher place than the odds at the moment. The rehearsal footage shows a performance with a lot more promise than before rehearsal week. The band have years of stage experience and it truly shows. Would not be surprised if it manages to scrape through to the Grand Final.

Iceland offer a very intimate and warm staging they will need to make sure they secure those jury votes to hopefully see the Grand Final.

4/16 votes

  • Austria (11th)

The team have Austria placed a little lower than the odds. The staging is very interesting if they can get the vocals right on the night they could possibly qualify.

2/16 votes

  • Lithuania (12th)

  • Slovenia (16th)

Lithuania is offering a performance similar to what we saw in the national final, but in what was intimate and tight at 'Pabandom iš naujo! 2022' this year maybe doesn't come across the same way on the big stage in Turin. But Monika is a great performer, will be interesting to see how she goes.

The Slovenian boys sit in a spot by the team in our predictions not too different from the odds.

They do offer some interesting staging with one of the biggest props this year. Hopefully their disco charisma can get them some jury and televote love.

1/16 votes:

  • Denmark (15th)

The group's staging is reminiscent of what they offered in their national final. Their rehearsals were very solid, with simple elements in their staging.

0/16 votes:

  • Croatia (14th)

Not exactly matching the odds, as the odds in semi-final 1 place Croatia in 14th place above Denmark, Slovenia and Bulgaria. Unfortunately, no one in the team believe Croatia can qualify.

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