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Eurovision 2021 - Two Possible Scenarios

Earlier in the year new Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahlan confirmed that Eurovision would be "back for good" - with a new interview from RTS (the French speaking Swiss national broadcaster) we now have more detail.

It's been announced by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Eurovision Event Supervisor Nadja Burkhardt that they're working on two scenarios with regards to the running of Eurovision 2021 with the state of the pandemic determining which scenario eventuates.

Scenario one will happen in the event the pandemic is brought under control with the contest being held in full as per normal. *we all collectively cross our fingers and toes*

Scenario two is the scenario many Eurovision fans would rather not think about, but it may eventuate. No specifics have been stated; however, it's been revealed that scenario two would involve the competition still taking place but with restrictions. Burkhardt explained that "Within these two scenarios, there are sub-scenarios” and that “What must be taken into account is not only the legislation of the host country, but also the legislation of 43 delegations”.

Burkhardt also confirmed that having the contest online would be considered "...the online disaster scenario" and they're doing everything they can to keep the competition on-site in Rotterdam.

Overall this is good news - the EBU are already taking serious steps in securing the future of the Eurovision Song contest and we can only wait to see how things pan out.

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