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Eurovision 2021: Interview with Destiny from Malta

Firstly we would like to say that it is so great to see you return this year and get the opportunity to represent Malta on the Eurovision stage. We love that you have returned this year with a fun uptempo entry! For those who may not know, what is the meaning behind your song ‘Je Me Casse’?

Je Me Casse is all about women empowerment. Unfortunately enough society does sideline (intentionally and unintentionally) women sometimes and all I wanted was an anthem that can inspire women all over the word to give it their best shot to make their dreams come true. I have every reason, in terms of community pressure to feel insecure. In a society where Size Zeros reign, I am saying Je Me Casse and triumphed. In a society where bi-racial people were considered unusual, to say the least, i say Je Me Casse. To me, empowerment is not a word, it is a lifestyle. That is why, the song Je Me Casse rings so true.

Your Eurovision 2021 entry ‘Je Me Casse’ has been highly praised and it is very popular amongst the Eurovision fandom in Australia. How are you feeling about the response to your song?

Honestly, I cannot believe it. I knew that this song was a catchy one and that it would be a hit, but not at this level. I am grateful for all the support, love and messages I receive everyday.. you guys keep me going. Apart from this, the response from Australia has been a great one and therefore I have another excuse to visit soon! Hope you will take me around :). Over the last two years with the whole cancellation of the 2020 contest and getting the opportunity again to represent Malta at Eurovision 2021, what new things have you learnt or discovered about yourself?

Covid was a blessing. It was a period where I could stay inside and do what I always wanted to do, work on myself, improve my songwriting skills and keep pushing the boundaries so that I bring the very best out of myself. This period helped me discover many things about myself and improve what I already had. Who are your musical influences and heroes?

Without any doubt, Aretha Franklin and Lizzo.

We have seen you grow as an artist, from your Junior Eurovision win, with ‘Not My Soul’ in 2015, to your amazing journey taking out The X Factor in Malta, to then getting the opportunity to go to Eurovision, and now you’re so close to getting on the Eurovision stage as a solo artist. Do you have any advice for any young and up-and-coming artists/singers that dream about one day singing at Eurovision?

Keep believing in yourself, set your sights on one goal and keep pushing until you get there. Do whatever your gut feeling is telling you to do and do whatever makes you happy.. one day you’ll be proud of yourself girl! Where do you see yourself after Eurovision? Can we expect any new songs or projects from you soon? Of course! As already stated I am working on improving my songwriting skills. After that will be studio time and hopefully we will release an album!

Have you ever been to Australia? If so where have you been? If not, where would you like to visit in Australia?

Unfortunately enough, I have never been to Australia but it is definitely on my bucket list!

We heard you’re a big Eurovision fan, so we had to ask you, what is your favourite Australian entry at Eurovision? And why?

Without any doubt it has to be Zero Gravity by Kate Miller-Heidke. Apart from one great vocal journey, the stage act was an amazing one and a one to remember.

Australia has the largest population of Maltese people anywhere in the world outside of Malta. Do you have a message you would like to give to the Maltese diaspora in Australia, as you represent them at Eurovision?

Nixtieq nghid lil Maltin kollha gewwa l-Awstralja grazzi tas-support li ttuni. Nispera li d-diska tieghi toghgobkom u li tivvutawli. Min naha tieghi inwieghdkom li naghmilkom kburin u li nigi inzurkom ma ndumx. I would like to say to all Maltese in Australia one big thank you for all the love and support you give me. I hope you really like my song and you vote for me. From my end I promise you that I will give it my all, make you proud and come visit you very soon!

Last question, if you could only take three items with you to Rotterdam for Eurovision 2021, what would you take?

My in-ears, my mobile phone and a family portrait!

Thank you so much for your time to answer our questions! Good luck at Eurovision and we will be sending you all our love, energy and votes in the semi final 1! Thank you so much and look forward to meet you soon!

Destiny will be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest semi final 1 along with Australia on May 19 (Australian time). Check out our profile on Destiny and her Eurovision 2021 entry, 'Je Me Casse' here.


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