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Eurovision 2021 Greece profile: 'Last Dance' by Stefania

Greece at Eurovision

Greece debuted back in 1974, and they had results of varying success over the years until they managed to finish in 3rd place back in 2001. Four years later they took out the gold medal with Helena Paparizou’s 'My Number One', and then they went on to host the contest the following year in Athens.

2021 Entry: Stefania - 'Last Dance'

• Semi-final: Stefania will perform 4th in semi final two

• My Eurovision Scoreboard fan ranking: 11th out of 39 entries

• Odds to win ranking: 11th out of 39 entries

• Odds to qualify ranking: 5th out of 17 entries

(rankings as of 12th April 2021)

About the artist

Stefania Liberakakis is 18 years old and was both in the Netherlands to a Greek family.

Despite her young age, she has achieved quite a lot in her career to date.

She has previously competed in the Dutch edition of The Voice Kids, and has sung in two seasons of the famous Dutch children’s choir Kinderen voor Kinderen. She has also done a bit of acting, including playing Fenna in the Brugklas TV series.

This is also not her first foray into the Eurovision world.

Back in 2016 she represented The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision as part of the girl group Kisses. They finished 8th place with their song 'Kisses and Dancin'.

Stefania was also due to represent Greece at last year’s adult Eurovision with the song ‘SUPERG!RL’ before the contest was ultimately cancelled.

About the song

‘Last Dance’ was written by the same people who wrote the Greek entry from last year and have written countless other Eurovision songs over the years – ARCADE, Dimitris Kontopoulos, and Sharon Vaughn. Dimitris and Sharon are also behind Moldova’s entry for this year.

Aussievision podcast Greece episode

We will soon be featuring an episode on Greece as part of our country review and rank series.

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1 Comment

Apr 18, 2021

Greece is now 10th in the odds!!

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